Monday, June 9, 2008

SB Bikefest Day 1

Thanks goes to Mr. Lettieri for being our on the spot reporter.

Today was the first day of the SB Bike Festival. It was a multi event day at Elings Park. Just a quick note that the Super D race was SUPER COOL.

It is basically a time trial on the flats and downhill of the Elings Park Cross Country loop. 8-9 minutes total. 30 sec intervals.... So no knarly downhill and no long term suffering, The 40+ group was Ok represented. I do think we all could have done it...I was surprised so few from Santa Barbara raced this event

There are no ability ranges, just age groups. We had Brad J, Mike Abott and my self in the 40+, and Super fast man Pete Sproul in the 30+ Pete smoked all but one to get the second fastest of the day.

In the 40+ Ron Tekada beat the field by 20+ secs to win. Brad J was 2nd, A state champion Super D guy was 3rd and I was 4th .4 secs behind him. Mike A was 5th. (After winning the 40+ downhill earlier in the day) Between 2nd and 5th it was only about 10 seconds.... Another cool thing that the results were up and the podium was held within a half hour of the finish.

After the Super D, I heard that they were serving Chichen Ranch at the BMX track. So I figured I could get in a few more races for the evening or at least get some good food.

I raced the crusier class and we had a good group of 5 riders. I finally beat a couple and finished 3rd!

Should be an interesting cross country race in the AM!

See ya out there,

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