Thursday, November 29, 2007

Annual Mountain Bike Marathon


That was an awesome ride! The weather was absolutely perfect, and the trails were fantastic! After 5 hours and 45 minutes and a boat-load of climbing we all finished in one piece. We all felt great until that final 7 mile climb up Angostura. That thing is a bear after 4.5 hours of riding. But, we each climbed into our own little "pain caves" and made it to the top. I'm no photographer but I took a couple pictures of the days activities. Sure beats workin'! I think I'll take tomorrow off.......from riding anyways.
Nice work Dave, Robert, Brad, Eric, and Rick.

See ya'll Saturday!


Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Calling All Mountain races

In case you are in need of some early season MTB racing, and an update on some races for next year, take a look at Ride SB’s web site. They are having a New Year’s Day ride up at the Firestone course. There is also info on the Firestone Race (now in May and under a new name, but still a National Race). Hecker is also starting a series of XC races this summer. Here is his link.

Please consider visiting us on New Years Day at the new Stump Grinder Dirt Club!

With all the forest damage and closures (Little Pine is closed), plus given the fact that New Years Day is a huge trail day for many users, why not come to the SGDC for some nice conflict free (no other trail users) DH shuttle riding, XC trail riding or Dual Slalom practice! It's only in Los Olivos ...

Then mark your calendar for our first new event in 3 years, the SGDC Winter XC on Feb. 16th.

Thanks Robert (Gritty Spaniard) Ramirez for the info

Monday, November 26, 2007

TestRider's latest

I'm not sure if you have been keeping up with the exploits of our dynamic duo of Ben Burn Edwards and Matt (L.J., Mutant, Chicken Ranch) Benko on Ben's new website. Check out their bios.

Ben Edwards Ben has over 20 years on the bike, 4 State Championships and one National Cycling Championship to his credit. Ben was the creative force and on air personality at the Broadbandracer before joining the Testrider team.

Matt Benko Matt is an expert mountain bike racer with many wins and years of experience under his belt. He began racing when suspension wasn’t even dreamed of and today he runs the 2006 CAL State Championship Mountain bike squad, Team Chicken Ranch, in addition to his Testrider duties.

Here is a link to Matt's latest test ride. Nice Job!

Monday, November 19, 2007

Weekend Rides

Great riding this weekend everyone! For those that missed it, Saturday's Druber loop was excellent, and very well attended. Next time we can throw in a few extra miles and add a Thacher School loop or Dennison Grade...Thanks Steve.
Saturday Stats: 4 hours 30 mins ride time, Avg speed 16.6 (with two flat tires) 75 miles, 6,220ft of climbing.

This mornings MTB ride was great also. While it was foggy and overcast in town all day, it was sunny and beautiful at the top of of Romero and back at Jameson reservoir. Check out the pics. Sorry no pictures from the Saturday ride.
Sunday ride stats: 3 hours 42 mins ride time, Avg. speed 8.1, Distance: 30.16 miles, 4,737 ft of climbing.

Not a bad weekend!