Sunday, December 30, 2007

More Sunday Stories

Well, we had a nice MTB ride this morning and a good group showed up. Kim's friend John Nygren made his first appearance on a Sunday ride and rode great! Hope to see ya next Sunday John. He picked a tough day to come out with lots of technical climbing and descending on Jesusita, Tunnel Connector, and Tucker's Grove. Brad Jellison was on fire today! Clearing everything....uphill and down....impressive.

It's so cool to ride above the clouds in the morning, and then to ride right on the edge of the water on the bluffs of More Mesa. Not to many places in the world you can do that......especially in December!

Our ride was going great until, towards the end of the More Mesa Bluffs Trail Dave picked up a small bush-like stick and ripped his rear derailleur off. We even got a picture of the bush responsible for the worries, we just converted Dave's bike into a single speed and rode the flats the rest of the way.

Remember next Sunday we're gonna ride Divide Peak. It's a great ride for those of you that don't Mountain Bike much because it's all fire road...nothing too technical, lots of climbing. We'll start at the base of Romero and when we get to the top we turn right and ride along the ridge until we get tired and then turn around and come back the same way. The views of the coast and the back range behind Carpinteria are spectacular. Hope to see you out there.


Friday, December 28, 2007

2008 Mtn Bike Races

Below is what seems to be a pretty comprehensive list of the Mountain Bike Races within driving distance.

Southridge Winter Series (Fontana)
Jan 12
Jan 26
Feb 9
Feb 23
March 8
March 29-30 National Race

Keysville Classic Lake Isebella
March 15-16

Sea Otter Classic Monterrey
April 18-20

Mike Hecker Series Chamberlin Ranch
Feb 16 Winter race XC
May 15-18 Firestone National

California State Series: (Team Big Bear)
#1 March 9th Bonelli park
#2 March 29-30 Southridge National, Fontana
#3 May 17-18th Firestone, Los Olivos
#4 June 1st Big Bear Shoot Out, Big Bear Lake
#5 June 7th Elings Park, Santa Barbara
#6 July 27th Rim Nordic, Running Springs
Sept 20-21 California State Champs, Northstar, Lake Tahoe
#7 Sept 28th Elings Park, Santa Barbara
#8 Oct 12th Fall Classic (Series Final), Big Bear Lake
Best 6 of 8 8 of 8 team

National Series (Team Big Bear)
#1 March 29-30 Southridge, Fontana, Ca
#2 April 5-6 Nova, Arizona
#3 May 17-18 Firestone, Ca
#4 May 23-26 Angel Fire, NM
#5 June 28-29 Deer Valley, Utah
#6 July 12 Windham, New York
July 19-20 Mont Snow, Vermont (National Championships)
#7 Aug 31-Sept 1 Tamarack, Idaho (Series finals)
Best 5 of 7 individual

Mike Hecker Summer Series Chamberlin Ranch
June 14
July 12
Aug 9
Aug 30
Sept 20
Oct 18
Nov 15

Downeyville Classic
July 11-13

Monday, December 24, 2007

Kenny, You Did It!

I have been really trying to come to grips with what just happened to Kenny and his family. I'm ready to post some thoughts. Kenny did what most humans don't do in a lifetime. He made the World a better place. It really became evident to me when this obscure blog that would get maybe 10 to 15 viewers a day was suddenly receiving hundreds of visits from all over the world. These visits were from people whose lives Kenny had touched. If you were able to be at the memorial service for him you know that everyone he met felt special. He made them feel special by having a warm unique greeting for them, or leaving fun voice mails without ever saying who was calling, or making fun of himself just to get you to laugh. I can't imagine how his family must feel. They got to experience Kenny 24/7. How incredible that must have been. I remember bumping in to him around town or at the BMX track and he always had his 2 children with him. You could see the loving glow in his face that was generated by a father that was more proud of his kids than anything. The love he spread every day with the people he knew I could tell was magnified for his family. Many of my fellow b teamers commented that they were going to be better husbands and fathers after knowing Kenny. Kenny you set the bar high and we will always remember that. To Kenny's family who is mourning his loss, I am sure that if you need to reach out to any of us, we will not only come running, but we will drop anything and everything to be there for you. I know this because that is what Kenny would have done for us and we know it. Take care my friend and I don't know if I've found the silver lining in what has happened to you, but I know You Did It, you made the world a better place and many people who knew you are going to strive to do the same. Thanks for the inspiration, and God Bless!

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Paradise Road Ride


Well we had a few hearty souls that showed up in the cold this morning to ride Paradise Rd. But none as hearty as Eric Forte. You see Eric used to live here but now he lives in Boise Idaho. He's still on the email list and he wanted to do this ride so he left Boise at noon on Friday and arrived in Santa Barbara at 6:00am this morning........and showed up for the ride at 7:00am........I'm not kidding. He then proceeded to whip all our butts on the climbs.......aaaahhhhh just like old times. The ride was awesome. Paradise Rd has brand new pavement all the way back to Red Rock and it's gated at Upper Oso so we get about 15 miles of pristine pavement with no cars at all......pretty cool. And the views from the top this morning were spectacular. See ya out there!


Thursday, December 20, 2007

Kenny's Memorial Service

Here is the news from Patagonia on the service for Kenny, see you there! Here is a link to the Newspress Obituary.

Spread the word:
Dear Friends, I hope this finds you well. This has been a week of remembrance, heartache, support and healing. We're all finding our own ways of dealing with the loss of our friend, Kenny Harbaugh. Today we learned the details of the memorial service for Kenny. The service is open to everyone and will be held at: Welch-Ryce-Haider Funeral Chapel 450 Ward Drive Goleta, CA 93111 (805) 965-5145 Directions from Patagonia: North on 101 Merge onto CA-217 S toward Airport/UCSB Take Hollister Avenue exit - Exit 2 Turn left onto Hollister Turn right on Ward - to 450 Ward Drive Visitation will be from 3:00-5:00 p.m. on Friday, December 21st, and at 5:00 p.m. there will be a blessing and time for sharing remembrances. The family has requested that the service be simple, peaceful and happy. A table will be provided to place special remembrances and photographs for the family. Although the family mentioned with a smile that "Kenny wasn't much for flowers", you are welcome to send flowers to the funeral chapel. I think Kenny's family would appreciate it. Attire for the service is "come as you are". It will be closed casket, but the family wants you to know that Kenny will be wearing a t-shirt, comfortable shorts and flip flops. The family also said that if you choose to come in biking spandex, you need to look better than Kenny did! After the service, the family will leave and you are encouraged to gather together on your own to celebrate and remember Kenny. Kenny's family has requested that they continue to be given privacy in the family home moving forward. Today's moment of silence was both difficult and healing for all of us. So many employees and friends participated, both serious and novice cyclists. Kenny would have been proud, especially since we went up the hills slowly - just how he likes it. I've attached a photo before the bike ride today and also a recent photo of Kenny. I'm humbled by all of the strength and support I've witnessed among us this past week. We've conveyed this to the family throughout the week and I feel they have found comfort knowing Kenny was always surrounded by such love and support. I know that the caring and kindness we've shown for each other during this sad time will continue into our happier moments at Patagonia. Pedro Jose pedro j lopez-baldrich usa 805 667 4795 "live simply so that others may simply live" -Ghandi

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Amgen Tour of California Fun & Games

Great ride on Sun, guys. I think Kenny would have been proud to be honored in such a way.

I wanted to pass along the following email from Barney Berglund regarding a quiz game meant to generate interest for the upcoming Tour of California. I'm writing the trivia questions for the game so I've got an interest in seeing some people participate. Feedback is always welcome and if you have any good ideas for trivia questions, forward them along to me. I've only got about 50 more to write between now and Feb! Please forward the game link on to as many cycling friends as possible.

From Barney;
As you all have probably seen in the press, the buzz is starting to build for the 2008 Amgen Tour of California. As chairman of the local organizing committee I would like to invite you and your club/organization to participate in playing a cycling trivia game with the option for signing up for live updates leading up to the race.

For playing and signing up, you will be entered in a raffle to receive a gift basket (worth $150) from the SB Conference and Visitors Bureau. We will continue to distribute trivia games over the coming months with important race and local event updates. For those that participate in all the trivia games, they will be registered to win another gift basket from the SB CVB (worth $250) to be announced on stage at the Stage 6 start on February 23rd. You can also get more information by going to our local website or the event website

The link to play the game and sign up is
Please forward this email to as many contacts as you can and show your support for the Santa Barbara Bicycle Coalition in bringing the race back to SB.

Thanks and have fun!

Barney Berglund

P.S. – Special thanks to for developing the trivia game and website!



Monday, December 17, 2007

Ken Harbaugh Memorial Fund

We know Patagonia is a terrific company and they are proving it once again by helping set up a Memorial Fund for the Harbaugh Family. This time of year is everyone is in the giving spirit and I hope you will be compelled to help out Heidi, Garrett and Greta and contribute. Please make your checks payable to "The Ken Harbaugh Memorial Fund" and send them to;

Patagonia, Inc.
Ken Harbaugh Memorial Fund
Attn : Ray Netzley
259 W. Santa Clara Street
Ventura , CA 93001

Patagonia has a blog as well and they have published some very warm words about Kenny. The information about the services for Kenny is sketchy right now, but it is looking like the 21st or 22nd. We'll update you when we know more.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Kenny's Route

The B Team is usually up at the crack of dawn on Sunday going for a 3 to 4 hour ride. Today it was a unanimous decision to do Kenny's favorite route. You see Kenny didn't make all the rides, but once you said you were going to ride Romero Canyon he would always show up. He enjoyed going up Romero, cutting across East Camino Cielo and down Gibralter and through Rocky Nook Park. Well, that's what we did, and I for one can say it was a glorious day. A terrific way to remember Kenny and as hard as it was, say a good bye to him. The group is calling Romero Canyon "Kenny's Trail" from now on and below is Matt's description of the day and some photos. We are also lucky enough to have a real photographer on the B Team. No offense Matt, and you can view the photos Carson took at his blog. We are in the process of creating a fund to help out Heidi and the kids, check back soon, it should be set up this week.


Well, we had a great ride up Romero this morning. No doubt the biggest MTB group we've ever had, I think we ended up with 18 total. We rode pretty easy and regrouped frequently. Kenny would've loved it! We told lots of funny stories about Kenny and thought about him a lot. We laughed a bunch, and got a little teary eyed a few times, but the mood wasn't somber. Instead, I think we all thought about how lucky we are to be able to ride these beautiful trails with our friends every weekend, and how we can't take anything for granted in this life. In many ways it was a typical Sunday ride, but it felt way more important than that.

In an ironic example of how the world keeps turning whether you're ready or not, Aaron Long and his wife gave birth to a beautiful baby girl this weekend. Congratulations Aaron.

Hope all is well.

Here are a few more photos of the guys on Westfork, courtesy of Paul

Friday, December 14, 2007

Kenny Remembered (Updated 12-19)

Since the news of Kenny spread the emails have been going around sharing stories and photos of someone we all loved. I hope I'm not stepping outside the lines by posting them here, but I thought it would be a good place to share our thoughts and stories. I know I want a place to keep his memory alive and I'm hoping everyone else will as well. So below are copies of the emails that were sent along with the photos that accompanied them. I am doing my best to post the emails I'm receiving, and I think anyone who feels compelled should click on the comment link and join. This is a great way to keep fond memories alive of someone we all loved! God Bless!

Unbelievable. Kenny was a dear friend and a wise ass and a joyful dad and a ton of fun to hang with and I'm going to miss the hell out of him.

Hey Guys,
I've been digesting this news for the last few hours and when I spoke with Dave and Matt earlier I really just did not know what to say. Still don't but regardless wanted to share my regrets and some memories. So given the circumstances, excuse the babbling.
Kenny is the reason I got into cycling so it is ironic

that I'm writing this to all of you. I probably would not know most of you if not for Kenny. He encouraged me to do my first race, and was always my consigliere (spelling help please) regarding the latest "purchase". Kenny was a wealth of knowledge about all things cool: cycling (particularly mountain bikes), surfing, music, business, whatever. Off the bike, I just can't think of a nicer guy. Kenny was always full of wisdom, a totally gentle soul, and a genuinely good natured human being. He always took the time to help others with their bikes in a pinch - did I mention he was an awesome wrench? He loved his kids, my kid, Dave's kids and I'm sure everyone else's. I still remember the many play dates at Kids' World with Trixie and Kenny. We used to joke that Kenny was Trixie and Dave's nanny. Most of the time he was more of a kid than the kids - always down on their level making them laugh, chasing them, pushing a swing or whatever. He did a great Tinky Winky imitation too. The guy was spot on always chipper and that puts a lot in perspective for me right now. I can't recall a moment in our years of friendship that he ever was down. Makes me feel guilty thinking of the times I complained about work or whatever to him on those (many) long rides up Romero and across east Camino. He loved that route and there's not a time when I've ever been on that ride (with others or alone) that I have not thought about him. I'm dumbfounded with disbelief right now. My heart goes out to his family and to all of you who ever got to know him or hang out with him. I've attached a some pictures of Kenny from the dirt crits a few years back (I think Matt may have sent one). I've also attached a picture of Kenny's forehead (on the bottom of the picture dead center) and me looking like I want to go to sleep from a Guided By Voices show we went to a few years back (Kim can appreciate). Can you pick us out in the crowd? I have no idea how we got in this picture (it's off the band's web site and I randomly came across it after the show) but it was a funny moment that Kenny
and I laughed at many times since. We were just overmatched and out of
place in the pit that night and I remember how we complained of our ears ringing for 3 days. Maybe you had to be there but to us it was hilarious - a couple of 40-somethings mixing it up with 20 year olds waving cigarettes in our faces - who were we kidding?
If for some reason you are having trouble viewing the images, try saving them down to your hard drive first and then open with whatever picture viewing software you have. Sorry for the inconvenience.
Best to all of you.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to Heidi, Garrett, and Greta.

Gabriel and Kate

Very nice letter Bill..
I know most of you dont know me.. A few years back I use to ride and
race a lot, I was a familiar face with the SB club rides back then.
But now child raising and work has taken most of my spare time.
Ive known Kenny for about 15 yrs, I got to know Bill through Kenny mostly from our rides up what else but Romero.... Kenny was also the same in my life from bike tech questions, music, or doing kid things..
Kenny was the backbone to the 12pm Patagonia bike ride. You could always count on Kenny every Mon, Wed, and Fri for a bike ride at lunch.
Sometimes it was 6 people, other times it was just the two of us solving the worlds problems at lunch, fighting the headwind back to Ventura from Ojai.. During our lunchtime rides I remember him telling me stories of his days in a band called Friends of Barney Fife, or him singing Sponge Bob Square Pants before it was popular.
When you think of someone that does so much for others and was such a good family man you cant help but think why... Im really at a loss of words. I too included a few pictures. 2 pictures of Kenny being Kenny with garret and one of daves kids (Bo), and picture of garret on a fire engine. It was a fun day at a pancake breakfast and a normal day of kenny being a great dad..

So sad to get the news (thanks Dave and Matt).

Well said all (Bill, you captured Kenny so well).I am amazed and happy to have been able to get to know Kenny the last few years, and in particular to get to ride with him to the top of Romero a few weeks back (the Jameson ride y'all). Per the norm (and despite his inclination to get back to his kids and family as soon as possible), he insisted on hanging with me after I flatted on Romero to make sure I was going to make it onto the pavement and home via Gibraltar, while he, "Romero Harbaugh", just floated back down his trail without a care (and no tube or patch or other, cause he was Kenny so who needed it; 'nuff said?). (Can we get that damn trail renamed right now??? From here on out it is "Kenny's Trail"!!) And of course, old self-styled punk farts that we were, we sang several "spiritual" songs at the top of Romero, but the mutually-loved Magazine song he/we sang off the top of Romero that day was:"I am angry, I am ill and I'm as ugly as sin - my irritability keeps me alive and kicking. I know the meaning of life, it doesn't help me a bit. I know beauty and I know a good thing when I see it. This is a song from under the floorboards, this is a song from where the wall is cracked. My force of habit, I am an insect - I have to confess I'm proud as hell of that fact.I know the highest and the best - I accord them all due respect."

I will never forget that moment and other mornings. I only knew him for a comparatively short while. But this much I gathered: while he might have been irritable a time or two in a good-natured way:-), he knew beauty and a good thing when he saw it (his kids and wife), and accorded them all due respect. All due respect!!

So hard to say it, but as we come to grips with your departure, Kenny, we wish you nothing but peace, good friend.

Special condolences to his family, Terry Jellison, Druber, and all his Patagonia friends.

Be mindful all.


I might speak for a few when I say I wish I'd been lucky enough to know
him. Prayers to his family. -Eric F

Very nice letters, everyone. I did not know him, but after reading through, I realize that he was a special person, dad, and husband. He also had some very good friends in all of you. You were all lucky to have known him, and he was certainly lucky to have you all as friends.
Jed Hirsch

Drue and others - I'm going to plan a Celebration of Kenny noon ride from Patagonia sometime next week. I'll let you know what day ends up working best once our heads clear a bit.
Good memories never go away.

What a loss - I'm glad to have met Kenny and will always remember his gracious nature. Pearl's first bike came from his garage, he just said, it's yours, go have fun. Soon she was riding it up Matt's hill saying "I can do it, am I the leader Daddy?"
See ya at noon.
HW (Sam)

I always looked for Kenny's wheel. He would sing my favorite 80's songs while hopping rocks going up Romero.
Kenny- we already miss you and will always remember you.


I feel your pain Bill, it's tough to lose a friend like that. From the times that I had rode with him he seemed like the wise guru type of person, who was always eager to share his knowledge with you. He was quick to give me coaching tips on some of my first rides up (what else?) Romero. A real nice guy, the world is much less interesting without guys like him.

Such a tragedy... My head hangs low today… We miss you Kenny, but we all know you will be out there on the trails with us…


Hi all-
Although I didnt know kenny it is clear as I have been reading through all these memories that he was a very special friend, husband, father, etc. My thoughts are with his family and friends during this very difficult time. It sounds like he was one who lived life to the fullest, and enjoyed life's experience and touched all who knew him.
Please let me know what I can do to help out his family. I look forward to the memorial ride and hope I am back in town by the time it takes place.
Kimberly turnerSent from my iPhone

Eddie was an old friend of Kenny's who I caught up with last week. I believe this picture was taken from a ride they did last year. Awesome shot! Bill Cuttler

Sorry it took me awhile to respond. I'm still having a hard time digesting the news. Anyway I have so many fond memories of Ken. We worked together for about 10 years and sat right next to each other for about 5. I can say the man never seemed to have a bad day. Everybody loved him. Even when he would be on the phone ordering bike stuff instead of fabric you still couldn't get mad at him. I tried and he would always end up making me laugh. "Teres ER just shut your pie hole I'll get your fabric" and he always did. I also thought it was funny how he had so much knowledge on all cool subjects. He had either worked it, done it, played it, read it, you name it Ken usually had great knowledge on it all. Sometimes it seemed like he had been around for ninty years. One funny memory was being at the beach one day and Ken telling me and two other friends how to shave legs. Apparently we were doing it all wrong and using the wrong razor. A week later I tried his shaving tips and by GOD he was right.
Every now and then those smooth legs would make a FULL appearence when Ken would decide that maybe he needed to run at lunch instead of ride. He would come walking out in the shortest black running shorts with the whitest legs but they were smooth as can be.
He had nicknames for everyone in my family and used them like they were our birth names. So from the Jellison's - B-RAD, Teres ER, Kelli A AANNNN, ME. BEEEE,
and Ticky - Ken may be out of our daily lifes but he will forever be rememberd in our family with fond memories.
The Jelly's


Check it out. Looks like from Brad's e-mail we may get some more pics as well. Will forward as soon as they come across the email stream. Wheels, work it baby!


Thursday, December 13, 2007

We Lost A GREAT Friend!

I got a call tonight and it was one of those phone calls you will always remember. It was Matt and he told me that Kenny had passed away suddenly while on a business trip in Canada. Matt, thanks for the call. Kenny was one of those kind souls that made the world a better place. He was ALWAYS a pleasure to be around! Kenny, I will miss you and I am keeping very fun memories of you and will be praying and doing what I can for your family. Below is an email Matt sent out! Lets all be praying for Kenny and his family. It wasn't that long ago we lost Doug McFadden. Let's not forget any of our riding buddies. We spend so much time together enjoying our sport and one of the beauties of our sport is we get to really know one another. Kenny was always someone you loved to be riding next to. God Bless all of you!


I don't really know how to say this, but I just got the news that our good friend and fellow rider Kenny Harbaugh passed away suddenly today. I don't have all the details but apparently he was in Canada on a business trip (he worked for Patagonia) and suffered a fatal heart attack or brain aneurysm or something like that, they're not really sure. He leaves behind his wife Heidi and two small, beautiful children, Garrett and Greta. He was just an all-around great guy and this is a terrible loss. I'm sure we'll be arranging a memorial ride or benefit in the very near future, but until then please keep his family in your thoughts. He was a great rider, a great friend, and a great father to his kids. We'll all miss you Kenny.



Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Can You Help A Brother Out?

Esquire, alias Kim McDaniel needs a little help,

I'm looking for a used fixed-gear bike (road frame) for my son while he's at college (can't be very nice since it'll get worked at the dorms and/or stolen). He's 5' 11" so probably needs to be a 57-59cm (23") frame. Anybody have one they're looking to unload or have any other ideas?



Contact him at

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Bruises & Broken Frames!

Hello all,

We had a great MTB ride this morning! 8 riders total, including Ben Stefanski who we haven't seen in a while, and Brian Bermudes as well. We did a little Power-lines-Jesusita-Tuckers Grove loop that was really fun. Jesusita is as good as I've ever seen it right now. We can thank the Santa Barbara Mountain bike Trail Volunteers for that. We saw a few hikers, but they were very friendly and we all had bells on, so no problems there. We did have a couple little mishaps worth noting though.

First off, we were doing a little section of Tunnel Trail on our way over to Jesusita when Blingerman did a perfectly executed endo and landed on his head. Luckily, he landed right on the "sweet- spot". That would be the area between your eyebrows and your helmet. So he didn't damage his new helmet, or his eyes..........his forehead was not as fortunate. To his credit, he shook it off and kept ridin'. I actually think he looks better with a Neanderthal like forehead.....very distinguished.

The second incident happened on Jesusita. Now nobody's ever accused me of being a good descender. That's why I like riding with guys like Mike Abbott and Dale Kramer and.......(you're not gonna believe this one)...Dave Lettieri. That's right, Dave's become somewhat of a kamikaze on our Sunday Mountain rides. But he actually has the "skillz" to back it up. He flew down the stair section of Jesusita today like a man possessed. It was awesome! He used every inch of suspension on his carbon fiber Trek as he bounced down the trail...and he pulled it off. After watching Dave, Mike, and Dale ride all these sections that I was walking I learned two things.

1. I'm not a very good descender


2. Sometimes it's better just to close your eyes and let go of the brakes.

Now while Dave is very good......he's not perfect. Later in the ride he crashed amongst some rocks and broke the top tube of his beloved Trek Fuel. For the rest of us this would be a terrible turn of events. Fortunately for Dave, carbon frames are cheap, and easily replaceable.

Besides a couple dings and scratches the rest of the ride went according to plan, and we all got home with big smiles on our faces and in one piece...........except Dave's frame.....that was in two pieces. Hope you'll join us next weekend!


Saturday, December 8, 2007

Santa Paula Re-Cap


Wow, what a turn out! I was shocked to see how big of a group we got to do a 100 mile ride! We probably had 30 or 40 riders at the start and just under 20 that did the "Full Monte".

When we rolled out I thought we might be in for a brutal day due to the wind. But for the most part it was beautiful. We did run into a little headwind coming back through Carp. but the whole Santa Paula-Ventura-Ojai part was great! The route was really cool with lots of rolling hills, nice roads, and beautiful scenery. Having such a big group made the distance seem a little easier, and there were lots of different people to talk to. It was nice to see Ryan Yee and a few more of the Ventura boys hooking up with us, always good to have a couple extra engines at the front. There's a cool General Store at the top of the 150 climb into Ojai that made the perfect re-group/pit stop. Besides our two early flats no major problems to report..... unlike last weekend. Thanks to Dano and Blingerman for showing us the route, and I look forward to doin' that ride a few more times....It's a keeper. Nice job everyone! Just another day in paradise!

See ya out on the road,


Friday, December 7, 2007

Front Page News

A couple of the boys got a little love from the newspress as they rode the Time Trial Course up in Solvang! Matt you should get that growth on your stem looked at. Edhat also had some photos of the event you may want to check out. I saw some photos of our very own celebrity Barney and a couple other Chicken Ranchers in the pictures.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Amgen Time Trial Pre Ride


This morning a few of us went with Dave to the "Ride the Route" ceremony in Solvang. It was basically a little presentation where they announced the route for the Time Trial Stage of the Tour of California, and you got to ride the course...... with a police escort.

We got to Solvang at 8:00 and then rode around for a couple hours until the festivities started at 10:00am. The weather was clear and cool and the roads are awesome. Everytime I ride back there I realize why so many pro teams go there for training camps. We definitely have to organize a team ride over there one of these days. We could invite Mark Fennel and his Platinum crew as well, it'd be fun to get a big group from SB to all meet up for a valley ride.

Dave got word from some people at the Santa Maria Times that they wanted to put a camera on somebodys bike and get video of the TT course, so of course he for the job. I was expecting some high-tech miniature camera that would be mounted on my helmet, or on my stem or something stealthy and cool like that. Instead I got a hand-held cam-corder duct taped to my bars! Check out the pictures...too funny! As if anyone was surprised, it fell off about halfway through the ride. Luckily I was trying to reposition it right at that moment and it basically fell right into my hand. So, I stuck it in my jersey pocket and kept riding. The look on the newspaper guys face when I rolled back into town without the camera on my bars was classic. Oh well. No foul.

We did get to ride with Pro rider Tony Cruz (formerly with Discovery, next year with BMC) which was fun. He was super cool, and by the end of the ride it was down to all the Chicken Ranchers... me, Dave, Brett, Rick, Dan, Barney, some Bike-Barn guy, and Tony Cruz. Not that we were going fast, a lot of the people who showed up were on commuter bikes and stuff like that. But, we had a great time and I look forward to doing more rides in the valley.....and watching the Tour of California! See you all on Saturday!


Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Attention Christmas Shoppers!

I know that everyone on our team is wondering who is going to get the coolest stuff to show off on the rides come January. I have absolutely no doubt that Blingerman and LJ will be facing off in that epic battle. One of the other combatants could obviously be our very own Halftrack or Rookie, Dave Lettieri. Dave has a bit of an advantage since everything he gets is a tax write off. Lucky Dave! I wanted to chime in and at least get the boys thinking towards one of the latest Garmin gadgets. Check it out and let the bling battle begin. Dave can you order these little goodies or are you stocking them? Who knows maybe someone on the team will surprise us and score some other cool items. If you are coveting something feel free to share by commenting below. I also know that now is a good time to let Dave know what you may want, because if you significant other is anything like mine she usually checks in with him before splurging on the new underwear and dress shirts. Merry Christmas!

Monday, December 3, 2007

The Legend Grows Of Dale Kramer

The legend of Dale Kramer grows.....

We had a nice MTB ride this morning, even though it was lightly attended. Only four Chicken Ranchers showed-up for this mornings ride. Fortunately, I had also invited a few of the Platinum "Bad-Boys" so we ended up with a group of 8. I think Saturdays big road ride kept a few of the usual suspects out of action.

We were enjoying a great ride when on the impossibly steep Romero Catway, Dale Kramers rear derailleur exploded. Rendering his bike pretty much unrideable. But while the rest of us were standing around discussing what we should do, Dale took off his derailleur and chain and started running up the rest of the climb. He beat us to the top, and then also beat us down the technical Bella Vista Trail. When we finally caught up to him he was running on East Mountain...with his bike......still about 4 miles from his car. I should have included a picture of the whole event but I was too impressed to remember to take a photo. I would've been calling my mommy to come pick me up for sure, but not Dale. Of course Dale is the kinda guy that goes for 7 hour back-country rides it shouldn't surprise me that he was resourceful and determined. Anyways, I found out later that he kept running about 2 miles then "McGyver'd" his full-suspension rig into a single-speed and rode the rest of the way home. The best part is, through the whole thing he never cussed, never whined, in fact, the smile never left his face. He was just happy to be out's all good. That's two motivational stories in one weekend. First Kim's 40mph "Slip & Slide" then Dale's 27 mile "Ride-run-Ride". Can't wait 'till next weekend!

Thanks to Craig Zimmerman, and Philip Friden for showin' up and ridin' strong. It would've been embarassing to have more Platinum riders than Chicken Ranchers on the weekly Chicken Ranch ride!

See ya out there!


and if that wasn't enough.

Also, The day before, Dale Kramer worked the 2nd half of the SBMTV Trail Maintenance day, non-stop till 3:00. He also ate more SB Chicken Ranch chicken than any one else, and took the extra home.

The legend continues to grow…


Saturday, December 1, 2007

Dec 1st's Ride up Hwy 33

Saturday Ride Re-cap:

First things first. Kim Turner is one tough cookie! Unfortunately she crashed on the back-side of the Casitas climb going about 40mph! Incredibly, she got up and rode home under her own power. I didn't witness the crash but half the group did and said it was incredible that she walked away. Gabe said she was yelling "I'm OK!" before she even stopped rolling! I hope you're OK Kim? Please let us know how you're doing?

We had a very large group show up at the start. Maybe 30 or so. The weather was cool and crisp. People peeled off as they needed but at the bottom of the Hwy 33 climb we still had 16 people. We've got a lot of strong riders! That's a great climb! For about the first half of the climb big Bob Wilcher just tapped out a nice tempo with everyone single file behind him. But Corey can never be contained and he ended up just riding away from all of us. Everyone rode their own pace the rest of the way and we ended up with 15 riders at the summit! Great job everyone! Then after an enjoyable descent the hard part began. We rode 45 miles home into a stiff and continuous headwind. Ouch. By the end it just felt like survival least for me it did. Great ride though and great turn-out. Good weather, good friends, good miles, you can't beat that!

Final ride stats: 97 miles, 6 hours and 27 minutes, 7,768 ft of climbing.

See ya next time!


Thursday, November 29, 2007

Annual Mountain Bike Marathon


That was an awesome ride! The weather was absolutely perfect, and the trails were fantastic! After 5 hours and 45 minutes and a boat-load of climbing we all finished in one piece. We all felt great until that final 7 mile climb up Angostura. That thing is a bear after 4.5 hours of riding. But, we each climbed into our own little "pain caves" and made it to the top. I'm no photographer but I took a couple pictures of the days activities. Sure beats workin'! I think I'll take tomorrow off.......from riding anyways.
Nice work Dave, Robert, Brad, Eric, and Rick.

See ya'll Saturday!


Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Calling All Mountain races

In case you are in need of some early season MTB racing, and an update on some races for next year, take a look at Ride SB’s web site. They are having a New Year’s Day ride up at the Firestone course. There is also info on the Firestone Race (now in May and under a new name, but still a National Race). Hecker is also starting a series of XC races this summer. Here is his link.

Please consider visiting us on New Years Day at the new Stump Grinder Dirt Club!

With all the forest damage and closures (Little Pine is closed), plus given the fact that New Years Day is a huge trail day for many users, why not come to the SGDC for some nice conflict free (no other trail users) DH shuttle riding, XC trail riding or Dual Slalom practice! It's only in Los Olivos ...

Then mark your calendar for our first new event in 3 years, the SGDC Winter XC on Feb. 16th.

Thanks Robert (Gritty Spaniard) Ramirez for the info

Monday, November 26, 2007

TestRider's latest

I'm not sure if you have been keeping up with the exploits of our dynamic duo of Ben Burn Edwards and Matt (L.J., Mutant, Chicken Ranch) Benko on Ben's new website. Check out their bios.

Ben Edwards Ben has over 20 years on the bike, 4 State Championships and one National Cycling Championship to his credit. Ben was the creative force and on air personality at the Broadbandracer before joining the Testrider team.

Matt Benko Matt is an expert mountain bike racer with many wins and years of experience under his belt. He began racing when suspension wasn’t even dreamed of and today he runs the 2006 CAL State Championship Mountain bike squad, Team Chicken Ranch, in addition to his Testrider duties.

Here is a link to Matt's latest test ride. Nice Job!

Monday, November 19, 2007

Weekend Rides

Great riding this weekend everyone! For those that missed it, Saturday's Druber loop was excellent, and very well attended. Next time we can throw in a few extra miles and add a Thacher School loop or Dennison Grade...Thanks Steve.
Saturday Stats: 4 hours 30 mins ride time, Avg speed 16.6 (with two flat tires) 75 miles, 6,220ft of climbing.

This mornings MTB ride was great also. While it was foggy and overcast in town all day, it was sunny and beautiful at the top of of Romero and back at Jameson reservoir. Check out the pics. Sorry no pictures from the Saturday ride.
Sunday ride stats: 3 hours 42 mins ride time, Avg. speed 8.1, Distance: 30.16 miles, 4,737 ft of climbing.

Not a bad weekend!