Monday, April 27, 2009

Some Ventura Updates!

For those of you interested in doing the Ventura SR in a few weeks, you might want to know that they changed the TT course. It was originally slated to end on a steep, out of the saddle climb, where the use of a TT bike was not beneficial.

Its my guess that they changed it in order to keep the spectators in downtown Ventura and to make the race more competitive. The course now wraps around the streets of downtown w/ 2 short climbs and some straightaways. It no longer has the long steep climb. The time gaps will now be closer after the TT.


For anybody not riding the Ventura Stage Race, Sea to Summit is also that weekend, the 16th. It's 88 epic miles, lots of climbing, that starts in Ventura and ends at Mnt. Pinos. Typically has a fairly small turn out of 100 or so riders, but there is always a group of 15 or 20 that are racing it with full support vehicles. It is a lot of fun and a real accomplishment to just finish. Here is our own Danny Rudd's excellent blog about last years event....

Here is a map of the course:

Here is some info, mainly for volunteers but it has ride contact stuff as well. I have a flyer I can email to anyone interested. It is run by some Quasi Cult Religious Rehab program, but hey, if you expire at the summit your soul will be taken care of.



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Anonymous said...


Thanks for the blurb on the stage race. Actually, the police made us change the course b/c there are about 7,500 residents that were affected on the Ferro grade climb. Now, they will have to drive up and around City Hall, but they have a driving route. That said, your other point about the spectators is correct with the start/finish downtown. One other major consideration was the timing. With two stages in one day, the timing guy had a lot of issues ending at the top of the climb and then setting back up downtown in only about 45 minutes. After reviewing all of these issues, it was a no-brainer that we needed to make this change. Plus, if we didn't, we wouldn't have received the permit. Hope this helps.