Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Divide Peak!


Here are a few shots from this mornings MTB ride. Another great turnout today! Seems like this Mountain Bike thing is catching on. Brian Bermudes and Brad Jellison came out of hibernation to join us for awhile which was nice, and Shaun Condon finally made a Chicken Ranch ride. Hopefully, we'll be seeing a lot more of all three of those guys. Chris Brown only flatted once today which is a vast improvement from his usual 6 or 7 flats. Of course nobody stops to help him anyways so it doesn't really affect the rest of us. Dave Lettieri actually crashed today which is an extremely rare occurrence, so I feel lucky that I got to witness it. Nothing too serious...just a front tire washout on the Divide Peak fireroad.....but very entertaining! It's good to see Dave with a little dirt on his jersey now and then. Matt Perry and "new guy" Aaron pretty much dusted everybody up the climbs but for the most part we kept the group pretty tight.

Great views of Jameson Reservoir and the coastline from up on the Ridge. Nick and his buddy Brom went to go check out Blue Canyon trail so I'm interested to hear how that trail looks for future adventures. Looking forward to seeing all you next Sunday for more off-road fun!



Ron Takeda said...

At the top of Romero on the way down we saw Bill Carson "Wild Bill" or Billy as I've called him since I was four. He was on his motorcycle and came over to say hi to the group. He greeted a lot of his friends in the group, was smiling, and having a great day. Chris Brown even commented to me on how happy Billy appeared. Billy returned home from his ride around 3:30 and told his brother he wasn't feeling well. He went to bed and died in his sleep. He wasn't found until Tuesday morning. We all saw Billy on his last day of his life up in the mountains having fun. Ron

Greg Knowles said...

wow Ron, unbelievable!