Friday, January 15, 2010

Gibralter Time Trial, Ouch!

Hello Everyone,

What a morning for a ride up the Gib! It was surprisingly warm this morning as we rode up to the start of the race. Thankfully Luke was there driving Dave's truck up to the summit so everyone could throw their extra clothes in at the bottom and get 'em back at the top. Pretty decent turnout for the race as well. Lots of Chickens that's for sure. Some new faces and a few guys I haven't seen for awhile. It was nice to see Ben Stefanski back out there again. He hasn't lost a step. The scenery was so awesome this morning it almost made me forget all the pain and suffering that's required to haul yourself up to 3,900ft on a bike.

I don't really know anyone's times but everyone looked pretty good and it wasn't long before the whole group was reassembled at the summit and we began a nice leisurely ride across East Camino and down Painted Cave. Hard to think of a better way to start your Saturday morning! Great job everyone!

Check out the results

Hope to see you all on MTB's tomorrow morning!

See ya,


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