Monday, November 26, 2007

TestRider's latest

I'm not sure if you have been keeping up with the exploits of our dynamic duo of Ben Burn Edwards and Matt (L.J., Mutant, Chicken Ranch) Benko on Ben's new website. Check out their bios.

Ben Edwards Ben has over 20 years on the bike, 4 State Championships and one National Cycling Championship to his credit. Ben was the creative force and on air personality at the Broadbandracer before joining the Testrider team.

Matt Benko Matt is an expert mountain bike racer with many wins and years of experience under his belt. He began racing when suspension wasn’t even dreamed of and today he runs the 2006 CAL State Championship Mountain bike squad, Team Chicken Ranch, in addition to his Testrider duties.

Here is a link to Matt's latest test ride. Nice Job!

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