Monday, November 19, 2007

Weekend Rides

Great riding this weekend everyone! For those that missed it, Saturday's Druber loop was excellent, and very well attended. Next time we can throw in a few extra miles and add a Thacher School loop or Dennison Grade...Thanks Steve.
Saturday Stats: 4 hours 30 mins ride time, Avg speed 16.6 (with two flat tires) 75 miles, 6,220ft of climbing.

This mornings MTB ride was great also. While it was foggy and overcast in town all day, it was sunny and beautiful at the top of of Romero and back at Jameson reservoir. Check out the pics. Sorry no pictures from the Saturday ride.
Sunday ride stats: 3 hours 42 mins ride time, Avg. speed 8.1, Distance: 30.16 miles, 4,737 ft of climbing.

Not a bad weekend!



Kimberly (aka. DrKim) said...

cool photos :-)
and nice team blog. I hope everyone contributes!
Thanks for making this blog! FEel free to link over to mine...I'll put a link to this one on my blog, too. (

Rob said...
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