Thursday, July 17, 2008

So, I'm Officially Ticked Off

I just can't believe what a bunch of hacks some of these professional cyclists are!

To find out that someone who won 2 stages in this years tour has tested positive for EPO is just completely disheartening. I have lived through the Landis drama, not to mention Ullrich, Basso, & Hamilton.

I was really getting excited having a mountain biker I had watched race lead the hardest race on the planet. It may be Cadel's year.
I was going in to this years Tour with the idea that this bunch of athletes didn't have any choice but to clean up their cumulative acts. I guess I was wrong.

What's next? Christian Vandevelde and Cadel Evans test positive. Maybe Mark Cavendish is some kind of test tube mutant created to do nothing but win sprint finishes.

Truth be told I started writing this yesterday and still found myself drawn to the T.V. this morning to watch today's stage unfold. It had a little of everything, seeing one of the riders in the break flip off a spectator, a spectacular crash where a bike was absolutely destroyed, and the final sprint where elbows and knees were flying still suck me in.

I don't know if I'll ever be able to stop from watching the Tour but this last round of positive drug tests is making it increasingly hard to think of myself as something other than a World Wrestling Federation Junkie.

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dave said...

I wasn't planning on watching the Tour this year because of all the cheaters the last few years. Now I am watching to see who gets thrown own next. How messed up is that!