Friday, October 31, 2008

Race Calendar

This is just in from our on the scene reporter, Gabe Scoop Garcia

The 2009 road racing calendar is up (for the most part)

Not all the races are posted, some of the promoters are still finalizing their dates. One new race that I noticed is the UCSB road race at Sisquoc, the same weekend as the Island View Crit. For what I’ve heard, it might be the same course as “The Good Old Days” road race.


Steve Weixel said...

The UCSB road race at Sisquoc last year was the same course as the Sisquoc RR, but afaik it was only a collegiate race, not uscf. Maybe they are expanding it to include uscf next year because Bike Barn no longer exists to put it on?

Greg Knowles said...

That sounds like fun. Steve, it was good meeting you the other day on the bike path.