Monday, October 13, 2008

Santa Barbara Duathlon

Those Chickens just don't know when to stop competing. Congratulations Joe, Matt, Lee, & Brennan. See the photos


Well, I finally got that 2nd place monkey off my back by actually winning something on Sunday. But I must admit I was inspired to dig a little deeper by witnessing the performances of a few other athletes.

New Chicken Rancher Lee Carter won the "old guys" division in Sunday's Duathlon, and our own Joe Howell won the "really old guys" division by a mile. But that's no surprise. Joe wins everything. I'd call him a sandbagger but I checked his birth certificate and he's legit. But seriously he does win everything! He won the Carp Tri, the SB tri, and everything else he tries. I heard that after the Duathlon on Sunday he entered a Body Building Competition at East Beach and he won that too! Apparently, he beat out Old Man Steve in a pose off.

My 12 year old son Brennan also inspired me by winning the 18 and under division. Nevermind that he was the only kid under 18 in the race. A win is a win! He did finish an impressive 15th overall in the sprint race.

I know that while we were skipping along the beach on Sunday a few other Chicken Ranchers were throwin' down at Big Bear on MTB's at the Fall Classic. I'd love to hear a race report from somebody if you get a chance?

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Kimberly (aka. DrKim) said...

I did the duathlon, too. I guess my 7th place was 'uninspiring' but at least I made my goal of having a good bike leg, and finishing both runs while still 'running'! :-)