Saturday, January 17, 2009

Congratulations Super Susie & The Rest of The Gibralter Chickens

Hey Chickens,

I have to say that this was the best best first race to start to the season

yet. The scenery was unbelievable (the ocean that is), the CR team did a

fabulous job representin" the local race scene and the roads were smoothe.

I had a good race and was pleased with the results and want give kudos to

Luke and Randy for getting' all my various layers of shtuff to the top! :)

Thanks also to Carson for hangin' out at the finish and bringin' swag for us

girls back to the shop. It's nice that he's willing to hang with and shoot

the amateurs every once in a while!

Also, for those of you who left to go home, the highlight of the race was

when a rider from the SLO Wheelmen team finished on his single speed. His

chain broke on his road bike within 100 yards of the start wherein he ran 1

mile to his car to get his single speed and running shoes on to finish the

next 5 miles in. Now that's effort! He said he only had to run around a

couple of the switchbacks, but otherwise it was good for him.

Congrats to all who raced, congrats to Kim who won her age group (we know

how much she loves the hills) and let's not forget to welcome the new kid,

Scott Hicks!


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