Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The Killer B Fitness Report

I'm not known for my writing other than in the Daily Sound so hopefully I can entertain you guys on this one. I'll keep it short.

John gave an excellent report, but there are a few things that I need to add.

Saturday at Cantua
After Matt and I warmed up for 30 minutes pulling the pack at an easy pace we decided to fire things up a bit. Nobody wanted to do any work, and I guess my mentality right was that I'd rather get a good workout than win. So Matt and I led out a couple break attempts. We may have dropped a few, but pretty much everyone stayed together. I wasn't sure if it was doing anything to tire out the field, but no one seemed to pull through even at the end except for Freddy, the bandit. To recap the ending: I was fairly spent when Matt decided it was time to punch it with about 1.5 km to go. I sucked wheel at that point like I've never sucked before. I tried to make my 6'4" frame turn into a 4'6" frame. I'm glad nobody took any photos at that point. Matt is one strong frickin dude is all I have to say. I could see John and Freddy ahead about 15 feet as they broke away for the finish. Matt was pulling me up the last little riser and I had 1 guy on my tail. We got to the so called flat spot just before the finish and I decided it was time to reach a new max heart rate. I sprinted to John's wheel who was just behind Freddy. The guy riding my wheel was nowhere in sight. Then with about 20 feet to go I attacked Freddy hard. I was coming up on him quickly. I just ran out of real estate and he got me by a 1/4 wheel. It was a photo finish in my book even though I clearly knew he got me. I was proud to race with John and Matt who are exceptionally strong and fun to ride with.

Sunday at Pine Flats
About 20 miles into the race after a solo break had been away for about 5 miles I was trying to get everyone to work together. It turned out that only Matt and John heard me. Everyone else would draft and then when it was their turn to pull they would slow down. So I just said screw it and took off. Maybe not the smartest thing to do with 35 miles left in the race, but Freddy sprinted onto my wheel and said "vamos." Luckily I knew enough spanish to understand what he was saying, and I said "andale andale." We took turns pulling and caught the solo guy in about 15 minutes with the main pack nowhere to be seen. At the climb I was feeling it so I slowed down a bit. With less than a mile to go up the climb here comes John pulling a train of 3 riders. I couldn't hold that pace so I dropped back. Matt soon caught me and he made me suffer once again. The 5 riders ahead must have been 45 seconds ahead, but 45 seconds is nothing when you've got Matt's downhill skills. We caught the lead group on the decent in about 1 minute. That was awesome. I felt like Team Astana as Matt and I took the front and pulled John to the last climb. We did all we could to give him a nice lead out. It wasn't much on my part, but Matt was paving a nice path for our climbing contingent. All 5 riders rode past us as Matt and I sat up and said "our job is done" and cruised in. The only thing I was pissed about was that this guy who rode upright like he was on a beach cruiser ended up coming in 5th.

All in all, a fantastic weekend. We would have won both races if Freddy wouldn't have been there. He did deserve both victories though, and it was fun riding with a really smart rider. I just want to know how the hell he pisses and rides.

Congrats to Dan for an outstanding weekend as well.

It's also great to hear about Matt, Craig, John and Gabe's victory down south. Way to go!

See you all on the road.

Bob Wilcher
Killer B Fitness

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