Friday, February 6, 2009

Message from the USFS and City about Front Country Trails

This just in from Dave @ the Multi Use Trails Coalition.

Dear leaders of our cycling community,

I spoke with Kerry Kellogg of the USFS this AM about some maintenance related trail stuff and up came the topic of the recently plowed ridge/trail that is just south/east to and parallel to 154. He informed me that he was receiving complaints from landowners of mountain bikers trespassing on private property which makes up the lower part of this trail. Most likely the property owners are calling the police and the USFS is then getting the message. Currently to exit this trail in most cases you will need to trespass lower or head back up the way you came in. He made it clear to me that cyclists were the only reported users on this trail that were trespassing. This was not a threatening conversation instead he was just informing me.

Last week Jill Zachary from City Parks informed me that cyclists were using Parma Park while it still closed to the public on the fire roads and trails. She wanted me to help remind everyone that the single track in Parma is off limits to cyclists and to please only use the park when it reopens.

This email isn't me trying to tell people how and where to ride their bikes. Instead I just want to remind everyone that mountain bikers have been and will continue to be under a microscope in the eyes of the agencies and public. As leaders in the community I believe we are obligated to try and do what we can to improve the image of mountain bikers. Hopefully getting the message about these two areas to the masses can prevent any future consequences that may impact our access.



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