Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Firestone Race Reports

I'm catching up a bit on the reports, but these are worth the read. I enjoy sarcasm!

Race was great. They had special up close parking for locals. We all huddled in the morning cold and it was nice to have so many Chickens out there. Barney wore a wonderful Italian loafer to registration. Jelly raced Clydesdale but I will tell you there's no way in hell he's 200 lbs. I demanded a weigh in. Boxers weigh in wearing underwear. I'd like to see Jelly do the same...

Race started on-time versus Sea Otter which starts 1 hour late. I was ill-prepared for an on-time start.
Up the first climb I was in the top 10 and already we were immersed in the 35-39 class. I just don't get it. A lap takes 45 minutes so why do they start everyone in only 1 minute increments. I felt OK and tried to push it a bit without blowing up. The fast guys were gone so I settled into a pace that I could maintain.

Coming into the finish of the first lap, I thought I got lost as they had us go round and round near the pit area. What a bore. It added 1/4 mile to the course of blah. Anyhow I was riding with 1 guy from my class and the leader of the 45-49 class. I might add that the guy leading the 45-49 class who had already made up a minute on me and was beating the entire field was: (i) overweight; (ii) wearing a neoprene knee brace; (iii) riding an old piece of crap that probably weighed 28 lbs; and (iv) had the driest and rustiest chain I've ever seen. You gotta love mountain biking.

Next was the best part of the day for me. I came through the feed zone where my 13 year old son Charlie (also known as Winger) handed me a bottle and said, "Dad, way to go. I love you." As I write this, a tear literally comes to my eye. I am blessed. The rest is just boring.
I attacked the two guys I was riding with (including the overweight guy with the knee brace) and rode away. Thrilling. I didn't stick around for the results but I figure I'm somewhere in 7th. I achieved my life long goal of finally beating the crafty Spaniard, but in fairness he hasn't been training.

Also the times were very fast. I did 1:28 and each lap was the same, 44 minutes. That's faster than I did at the pre-Otter 2 weeks ago and this is a slightly longer course.

Hope everyone had fun.


Ditto for me except please make note of the following edits:

1. Add: Cramping in the last 15 minutes of the race and watching 3 guys blow past me like I was standing still - this is not fun.

2. Replace: Blingerman's 6th with 20th for me (when he races with the kids next time, I will be joining Women's 55+. BTW - anyone know a good plastic surgeon?).

3. Insert: Speaking of underwear, why does Ramirez insist on wearing underwear beneath his bibshorts? That's just flipping wrong.
4. Insert additional highlights:

a) For a brief moment, actually thinking I was close to Blinger, then realizing it was Donoho - we had a nice chat and then I proceeded with my race.

b) Not having to lend Ramirez any chamois cream.

c) Being passed by Barney right before an off-camber decent, wondering to myself, "what the heck is he doing racing a MTB after his accident and not having ridden a MTB for 5 years?, I sure hope he doesn't crash", then watching Barney ride right off the trail and crash.

d) Coming through the feed zone and getting a hand up from Doyle who made the long haul to SY just to cheer the team on - a tear came to my eye as well but it was actually from some dust that got kicked up.

e) "Attacking" my PB&J sandwich on the way home.

f) "Racing" immediately back to SB in time for 3 hours of match play tennis with my daughter and some other parent/kid teams...yes I am a mess today!!!!

All kidding aside, a great weekend and great times on the MTB. Glad to be healthy and looking forward to upcoming Ventura SR and Elings Park MTB events.


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