Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Piru Time Trial

Gabe, John VanMannekessssss and I went and did the Piru Time Trial
yesterday. The Platinum Team was also represented as Jurist and Steve
Boelter showed up.

Bottom line, I will never do this race again for the following reasons:

1. They start on time. They post the results quickly. They hold the
awards ceremony shortly after posting the results. What the hell is up
with that? Having done USCF races for so many years, I am not used to
this efficiency and I refuse to capitulate to it.

2. The pre-registration line is quicker than the day of registration
line. Again, what idiot promoter treats his pre-paying customers better
than the lazy ones who wait until the last minute?

3. They time you. This is a horrible format for a time trial. The
self timed races are much better. In this format you can't deduct time
for car traffic, leg soreness, or errant wind.

4. They encourage participation, particularly from juniors and women.
As if they are trying to "grow" the sport.

5. The race staff is polite and helpful. Enough said.

6. They charge $20 and post the results on a website typed out. Utter
crap. I'd much rather pay $40 for a mountain bike race and have the
results posted in unreadable scribble weeks later.
7. When calling you to the line, they use your name. I was so
offended. I simply wanted to be referred to as #149.

Take my advice, don't do this race

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Anonymous said...

Really you are pissed cause they are encouraging participation from juniors and women? You are pathetic.