Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Chickens On The Run

Sent 5-3-09

Hey Chickens, Here's a race report of a slightly different variety. A couple of weeks ago my team won the "Are You Tough Enough" relay race. It is a 65-mile race that starts at Toro Canyon Park in Carpinteria, goes up via Gibraltar to Camino Cielo, which it follows to Refugio Canyon, and then descends into the Santa Ynez valley where it ends at Nojoqui Falls park. Here is a picture of four of us at the top of Gibraltar waiting for our fifth runner to arrive at the handoff spot. I'm in the chicken ranch jacket. Second from the right is Eric Reynolds, who is a former high-school cross country National Champion and ran for UCLA. Scott Ingram, second from the left and Dave Saunders, far right, both ran for UCSB. It was quite interesting running a race on the course we all so often ride. Our winning time was around 7 1/2 hours. We beat the second place team by under 2 minutes. I am proud to add that everyone on my team was over 40.

See you all out on the roads, with or without a bike!


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