Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Which Kim Was It?

Originally sent 6-5-09

Hi all!

So in a last minute rush, I snuck out of a reception at work, and rode over to the Sandpiper Prologue bike race. No warmup (just the 10 minute ride over), and I got there only to be told that I was too late to sign up. But thanks to my ChickenRanch connections, some serious strings were pulled, and I was allowed to start, the only catch was I had to

pretend to be Kim McDaniel, who had signed up but was not there! And

it just so happened that Kim McDaniel's start time was within a minute of this I was called up to the line immediately. As I am waiting for my countdown, Jurist remarks "watch the gravel section and the off-camber turns" and the guy next to him said "oh, you didn't preride? Ouch." Then it was time to start. Lovely. Anyway, it was fun, but I didn't know what was coming, and therefore did not ride with my usual fearless TT spirit. The dead squirrel in the trail didn't help matters any, either! Anyway, I completed the course in due time (albeit slower than many) passing 1 guy and getting passed by David Jurist about halfway through, and almost did a good job of blocking Bart at the end (because I didn't know where the course went...) but alas he got by me anyway :-).

Anyway, my ride was good enough for first place in the women's division. I won...a round of golf at Sandpiper. Too bad I don't really know how to golf!

It was a good chicken ranch turnout, and everyone had fun. The race was really efficiently run. I hope they do it again! A lot of Ranchers did really well, so they should brag! This was sponsored by ChickenRanch and Fastrack, so thanks!


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