Thursday, January 24, 2008

Divide Peak

hey Gang, I'm catching up a bit, Here is that famous Divide Peak ride report.


To those of you who missed this mornings MTB ride.....I'm was AWESOME! The views from Divide Peak Fire Road were amazing.....we climbed for 2.5 hours straight to see them, but it was well worth the effort. We could see all of the Channel Islands clearly and Catalina Island as well! It was truely spectacular. Unfortunately my lousy pictures don't do it justice but that's all I've got. Dan Rudd made it out on his first Sunday MTB ride and Houston Harte who we haven't seen for awhile made it out also. We had no flat tires and no crashes......well, except for me. I fell over going about 1 mph.............uphill.........not very
graceful.....but kinda least to the other guys.

We'll definitely have to do that ride again and go even further. Our round trip was only 25 miles but we did 4,000ft of climbing....actually we did 4,000ft of climbing in 12.5 miles....the next 12.5 miles was all downhill! Hope to see you out there next time....'till then, keep the rubber side down.


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