Saturday, January 12, 2008

Solvang Report

Below is Matt's report and photos, but I would be remise if I didn't recommend you go read Mark Fennel's report on his blog as well. It has some very cool historical info. Good Job Mark


We had a great ride in the valley today with just over 40 riders attending....not a bad turnout! It was nice to see Steve Otero back on his bike after his face-plant a few weeks back. We had a bunch of Mark Fennel's Platinum boys show up as well which was nice. We also had the pleasure of riding with a few "elite" level pros. Aaron Olson (formerly with T-Mobile now with Bissell/Priority Health), Kim Anderson (Formerly with T-Mobile now with High Road Sports), and Laura Van Gilder (Cheerwine) all showed up to ride with us which was very cool. Having pros on the ride always helps to keep the tempo under control.

The pace was steady but manageable for almost everyone. Big Bob Wilcher flatted a few miles in, but chased his ass off for the next 20 miles and was able to re-group. Other than that no mishaps that I'm aware of. Round trip for the ride was 61 miles, after the main ride a few of us also did the 15 mile TOC TT course. Then Aaron Olson also rode home! Capping off what had to be a 120 mile day....pulling the whole time!... Impressive. The weather was outstanding, cool and clear, the group was well behaved and full of interesting people to talk to....all around a great ride. Thanks to everyone who made it out. Can't wait 'till next time! See ya on the road...or on the trails!


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