Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Steve Otero Update

Hey Gang, I just learned that Steve Otero, one of our b teamers had a nasty accident on one of the road rides on Dec. 23rd. Steve has emailed me and told me he is feeling a lot better right now. He has to get some dental work done and is looking forward to a good nights sleep. If you get grossed out easily I apologize for the photos, but as Steve said in one of his emails, maybe this will help our fellow riders understand the importance of pointing out obstacles that are in the road. I hope we see you soon Steve, and heal quickly.


Matt said...

Dude that's gnarly! I hope you're OK. Any chance that when they put the new teeth in they can be gold? That might look cool? Get better soon!

Druber said...

Yeah, GOLD TEETH would be sweet! Of course no one would take you seriously ever again. Should we create a photo page of crash photos? That could be fun!