Monday, March 10, 2008

Bonelli Race Report

As the editor I just wanted to chime in ahead of Matt's official report and say everyone who went raced hard and finished. Kim, Paul, Brad B, Phillip, Bill, I hope I didn't miss anyone. Matt doesn't mention below, but he rode hard and placed 2nd himself in a grueling expert race. I hope those of you that are interested come out and race. Heck, Mark Fannel (Mr, Roadie) in his second cross country race ever killed everyone in his field. Come on B Teamers "let's do it!"

Hello everyone,

Well, we had a good crew head down to San Dimas today for the first race of the So. Cal Cross Country MTB Series. The weather was perfect! The turnout was excellent, and the racing was tough as always. I don't know everyone's results but we had a few make the podium.

John Nygren knocked down a 2nd place in the Beginner Class. Nice job John! We actually had a few 2nd place finishers including Bob Wilcher in Sport (Even with a flat tire!) Brad Jellison in Clydesdale, and myself in Expert. Mr. Greg Knowles snagged a 5th place in Beginner while Brian Bermudes got a 7th place in his first Sport race which ain't too shabby!

More importantly, we got some exercise, told some jokes, and ate at In-N-Out Hamburgers after the race......Good times! Pete Sprouls' brother Seth was there as well and put in a good effort and his friend Brett was awesome in the feed zone! Handing out bottles on a hot day to a bunch of guys he just met. I know for me personally he was a life saver......Free chicken for life for Brett!..............Well, maybe not for about a week? Anyways, thanks Brett that was much appreciated! All in all I think we had 12 or 13 Chicken Ranchers show up to race. When all the results get posted we'll put 'em on the blog. Hope you all had a great weekend. The keyesville Classic MTB race is next weekend if any of you are interested?



Anonymous said...

Yeah, I sucked. But overall we rode well against the mega-teams (Platinum and Sho-(Me-The-Money-and)-Air). It's a fun course particularly for the power maestros. The roadies in the crowd ought to give it a shot next year since it's not technical and has some flat sections that you can fly on.


Greg Knowles said...

Kim you are my hero. 2 laps would have killed me.