Monday, March 3, 2008

I Love Mountain Biking!

What an awesome day today was! I got to the streetlight at 6:00am expecting a fairly big group and whaddaya know it's just me.........I started thinkin' "Well this is gonna be weird riding up Romero alone with Kenny's ashes". Luckily, at 6:01am Brad shows up. We get to the Dolphin Fountain at 6:19am....nobody there. Oh well, at least I've got one person to ride with. But when we get to the Romero Trailhead a little after 7:00am all the usual suspects are there. Kim, Bill, Greg, Mike, Brian, Sammy, John, and Bob. After a little discussion we decide that the best place to let Kenny go, is at the top. Brad and Greg grunt their disapproval at having to ride all the way to the top but the group stands firm.

When we get to the top of Romero the weather is perfect. Views for miles, a nice breeze, sunny,........epic. We're not really sure what the protocol is for saying goodbye to a friend on a Mountainbike ride so Greg says an inpromptu prayer that was upbeat and heartfelt, and then we just sorta let the wind take him....... It was actually kinda neat. It didn't feel awkward or weird. A few guys had to turn around and get home but a few of us wanted to keep going so we rode across the top and down San Ysidro trail. Wow! It was awesome! We just cruised it mostly, not really pushing the pace just enjoying the views and the smells and all the flowers and lizards. We stopped and took a few pictures of this great waterfall near the bottom of the trail that only runs when there's plenty of water in the creek...very cool. Definitely, worth hiking up to with your wife and kids or girlfriend or partner or whoever, if you get the chance. When we got to the bottom of San Ysidro we still didn't want to be done, so we rode up the ridiculously steep Girard Fireroad and dropped the McMenemy trail.....Once again....awesome! Then we threw in Old Pueblo Trail and Wiman just to be sassy! We got home after 5 hours of riding and it still wasn't even lunchtime yet! Gotta love those 6:00am starts. I know it sounds early.......and it feels early when you're trying to get outta bed and it's still dark outside......but man is it worth it! I guarantee if you come out on one of these 6:00am MTB rides on a day like today you'll be hooked. I can't wait 'till we do it again!


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Greg Knowles said...

It was an awesome day, and spreading Kenny's ashes was a bit different from a normal ride, but certainly one that was very meaningful. Thanks Matt for making it happen.