Monday, September 15, 2008

Should Lance Stay Retired?

I will admit, I'm not a big fan of sports figures coming out of retirement. I remember when George Foreman did it and it was incredible. I also remember Michael Jordan doing it and it was uneventful if you ask me. Now Brett Favre is doing it and of course the reports are out now that Lance will come out of retirement to try and win an 8th Tour.

The main motivation that has been reported for such a move is to make the fight against cancer a more global fight. I have read he plans to have a film crew follow him around in preparation to do a documentary on his training and drug testing. It would appear from what I've read he wants to make sure everyone witnesses that this comeback and the 8th victory can't be questioned. 

This report in the Skinny Moose says he doesn't have a team to ride with. Does he?

This British periodical The Independent reports that his comeback is just as much about his relentless desire to compete and win as it is a cancer issue. What do you think?

And of course I had to read the reports from Velo News to see what the Bible of cycling has to say. They reported he may try Mountain Biking or Cyclecross. Hmmmm?

Comments Anyone?

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