Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Special Olympics Cyclists Need Your Help!

Below is a copy of an email sent out to the b team. In a matter of moments a few hundred dollars had been raised. I thought I would post this on the blog and see if we could spread the word and help Ken & Dan really do something cool for these kids. Chip in if you can, I'm sure the money will be well received. Just look how happy these kids are in the photo below. GREAT JOB! Ken & Dan.

Hey Chickens -
Some of you know that Ken and Dano coach the Santa Barbara Special OlympicsCycling Team. This is the third year of the team, and we are gearing up to travel and compete in three events this season.

Dave Lettieri has been more than generous in his support of the team by giving deals on much-needed bikes and even donating jerseys the last 2 seasons (see photo).

New regulations will not allow a jersey with sponsors on it, so we have to order some semi-custom kits from Voler. We need to raise about $1000 to get this done since non-profits are hurting more than ever these days.

If any of the Team Chicken riders (or their companies) want to contribute to this cause, we would be very appreciative. Please contact either of us if you are interested in helping out.

Thank you,

Ken Doyle and Dan Onorato


Donations checks can be made out to:
Special Olympics Southern California
Please write "Cycling Team" on the front

Mail to:
Ali Sprott-Roen
Regional Sports Manager
Special Olympics Southern California
Santa Barbara County
423 West Victoria Street
Santa Barbara, CA 93101

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