Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The Weekend In Review!

I'm not sure how you spent your weekend or if you even got on your bike. I do know many were coming off the S.B. Triathlon, and I even heard one of our own has given them up. Say it ain't so!

I started my weekend Saturday morning giving it my best to keep up with the group on the climb fest that probably 15 or more riders joined in on. I decided to leave my house around 7 and go directly to OSM to get a head start on the group, because I knew I would be holding them up otherwise. I made it to the top of OSM and first saw Mike Abbott who had headed up by himself as well. In just a few moments the rest of the group came around the corner together. I think I heard someone say 21 minutes. I think that is my personal best, so lord knows I couldn't have finished with that group.

We all exchanged a few niceties and then crossed over 154 to Painted Cave. The group did go at a very nice pedestrian like pace and I was able to hang with them until about the very first switchback. One other rider was off the back and they eventually passed me and left me to my misery all by my lonesome. I don't know what it is about that hill, but it is a great climb with a number of incredible views. Saturday was no exception.

As I got near Camino Cielo, Pops Larsen decided to go the other direction and let me know the group had just departed heading for Stagecoach Road. Once again I'm just slugging it out in what Bob Roll would call "My Own Personal Pergutory".

Coasting down to 154 and crossing it was a no brainer and then heading down Stagecoach was pretty cool. I like riding by Cold Spring Tavern and seeing it without the craziness that can sometimes be found there. I enjoy the different views of the valley you get heading down that way. I caught one rancher on the way down but I decided to turn around at Paradise Road and head back up Stagecoach. Not wanting to hold up the group by being the caboose.

I made it up Stagecoach and waited at the top for about 5 minutes. The group appeared to be all in tack and I had to jump on my bike and take off as they all just blew down 154. I was chasing the entire way and did catch and pass a few riders and hooked up with Silent Bob and Druber near the bottom.

That ride is a good ride and a great way to start a 3 day weekend. I guess I got a bit disappointed in my performance and I climbed OSM and Painted Cave on Sunday and Monday. 3 days in a row of hard climbing is something I hope I can build on.

Good Riding Ranchers! I guess Summer is over or coming to a close.


djurist said...

Yo GK, I feel your pain. Anytime you want to grind it up OSM in the granny tranny just let me know. I had to fight to stay in touch with the "slow and steady" climbing of the brethren, but only confirmed my junior varsity status as they were able to continue chatiing and laughing whilst I was coughing up blood....We need to do the west camino cielo to refugio ride to get it going for Elings this month!

Greg Knowles said...

Thanks Dave, I'm considering what to do for the weekend. Let me know what you might be up for. Elings should be another fun race.