Monday, December 24, 2007

Kenny, You Did It!

I have been really trying to come to grips with what just happened to Kenny and his family. I'm ready to post some thoughts. Kenny did what most humans don't do in a lifetime. He made the World a better place. It really became evident to me when this obscure blog that would get maybe 10 to 15 viewers a day was suddenly receiving hundreds of visits from all over the world. These visits were from people whose lives Kenny had touched. If you were able to be at the memorial service for him you know that everyone he met felt special. He made them feel special by having a warm unique greeting for them, or leaving fun voice mails without ever saying who was calling, or making fun of himself just to get you to laugh. I can't imagine how his family must feel. They got to experience Kenny 24/7. How incredible that must have been. I remember bumping in to him around town or at the BMX track and he always had his 2 children with him. You could see the loving glow in his face that was generated by a father that was more proud of his kids than anything. The love he spread every day with the people he knew I could tell was magnified for his family. Many of my fellow b teamers commented that they were going to be better husbands and fathers after knowing Kenny. Kenny you set the bar high and we will always remember that. To Kenny's family who is mourning his loss, I am sure that if you need to reach out to any of us, we will not only come running, but we will drop anything and everything to be there for you. I know this because that is what Kenny would have done for us and we know it. Take care my friend and I don't know if I've found the silver lining in what has happened to you, but I know You Did It, you made the world a better place and many people who knew you are going to strive to do the same. Thanks for the inspiration, and God Bless!

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