Sunday, December 23, 2007

Paradise Road Ride


Well we had a few hearty souls that showed up in the cold this morning to ride Paradise Rd. But none as hearty as Eric Forte. You see Eric used to live here but now he lives in Boise Idaho. He's still on the email list and he wanted to do this ride so he left Boise at noon on Friday and arrived in Santa Barbara at 6:00am this morning........and showed up for the ride at 7:00am........I'm not kidding. He then proceeded to whip all our butts on the climbs.......aaaahhhhh just like old times. The ride was awesome. Paradise Rd has brand new pavement all the way back to Red Rock and it's gated at Upper Oso so we get about 15 miles of pristine pavement with no cars at all......pretty cool. And the views from the top this morning were spectacular. See ya out there!


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