Sunday, December 30, 2007

More Sunday Stories

Well, we had a nice MTB ride this morning and a good group showed up. Kim's friend John Nygren made his first appearance on a Sunday ride and rode great! Hope to see ya next Sunday John. He picked a tough day to come out with lots of technical climbing and descending on Jesusita, Tunnel Connector, and Tucker's Grove. Brad Jellison was on fire today! Clearing everything....uphill and down....impressive.

It's so cool to ride above the clouds in the morning, and then to ride right on the edge of the water on the bluffs of More Mesa. Not to many places in the world you can do that......especially in December!

Our ride was going great until, towards the end of the More Mesa Bluffs Trail Dave picked up a small bush-like stick and ripped his rear derailleur off. We even got a picture of the bush responsible for the worries, we just converted Dave's bike into a single speed and rode the flats the rest of the way.

Remember next Sunday we're gonna ride Divide Peak. It's a great ride for those of you that don't Mountain Bike much because it's all fire road...nothing too technical, lots of climbing. We'll start at the base of Romero and when we get to the top we turn right and ride along the ridge until we get tired and then turn around and come back the same way. The views of the coast and the back range behind Carpinteria are spectacular. Hope to see you out there.


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