Monday, December 3, 2007

The Legend Grows Of Dale Kramer

The legend of Dale Kramer grows.....

We had a nice MTB ride this morning, even though it was lightly attended. Only four Chicken Ranchers showed-up for this mornings ride. Fortunately, I had also invited a few of the Platinum "Bad-Boys" so we ended up with a group of 8. I think Saturdays big road ride kept a few of the usual suspects out of action.

We were enjoying a great ride when on the impossibly steep Romero Catway, Dale Kramers rear derailleur exploded. Rendering his bike pretty much unrideable. But while the rest of us were standing around discussing what we should do, Dale took off his derailleur and chain and started running up the rest of the climb. He beat us to the top, and then also beat us down the technical Bella Vista Trail. When we finally caught up to him he was running on East Mountain...with his bike......still about 4 miles from his car. I should have included a picture of the whole event but I was too impressed to remember to take a photo. I would've been calling my mommy to come pick me up for sure, but not Dale. Of course Dale is the kinda guy that goes for 7 hour back-country rides it shouldn't surprise me that he was resourceful and determined. Anyways, I found out later that he kept running about 2 miles then "McGyver'd" his full-suspension rig into a single-speed and rode the rest of the way home. The best part is, through the whole thing he never cussed, never whined, in fact, the smile never left his face. He was just happy to be out's all good. That's two motivational stories in one weekend. First Kim's 40mph "Slip & Slide" then Dale's 27 mile "Ride-run-Ride". Can't wait 'till next weekend!

Thanks to Craig Zimmerman, and Philip Friden for showin' up and ridin' strong. It would've been embarassing to have more Platinum riders than Chicken Ranchers on the weekly Chicken Ranch ride!

See ya out there!


and if that wasn't enough.

Also, The day before, Dale Kramer worked the 2nd half of the SBMTV Trail Maintenance day, non-stop till 3:00. He also ate more SB Chicken Ranch chicken than any one else, and took the extra home.

The legend continues to grow…


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