Monday, August 4, 2008

Fiesta Ride Observations

My Family and I thought we would head out to Campus Point for the afternoon on Sunday. We packed up our SPF 50 (we are a bit on the pale side) towels, & boogie boards and headed for the surf.

We arrived at the parking lot sometime around 1 or 1:30 and unloaded all the gear and began the short walk down to the beach. Well, our timing couldn't have been more perfect. The Fiesta Cruiser Ride was headed down the same road we were on to get to the beach.

This group of rebels was yelling and screaming, as well as honking their air horns, and of course riding like no group ride I've ever been on. Many of them were able to do this while holding their Bud Light in one hand. I could see how someone might end up hospitalized.

This group headed around the lagoon and then god knows where. I was looking for Ken Doyle, but he may not have made it that far. I don't blame him.

When I got to my office this morning I was reading one of the local electronic news sources about the ride and I clicked on a link. To my amazement the link was to a blog done by someone many of us know well, Jim Brewer. Check out Mr. Brewer!

He does mention his hospital stay and jaw being wired shut from one of these rides a few years ago.

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