Wednesday, August 13, 2008

I Love Granny!

It's been a bit slow this week on the race report front, so I thought I would share some thoughts I had Saturday.

I got out of bed and decided I didn't feel like doing the group ride, but did feel like going up a hill somewhere.

Let's see should I do my driveway, nah that's just not long enough. I know I'll go do OSM. Well, that isn't quite long enough either. I decided after my bowl of raisin bran to do OSM Painted Cave.

This was a major committment, since it had probably been a couple of months since I had climbed anything that long and steep. What the heck!

The ride from the mesa through the westside to the bike path and out to OSM was uneventful, but it was a beautiful day. I headed up OSM and stopped at the driveway just passed the bridge and took off my vest and sunglasses and turned on my music. If I'm going to suffer, I might as well try and hum a few tunes.

The trek up OSM was pretty typical for me these days. It took me around 26 minutes or so and I still had a gear or 2 left at the very top. Not bad I thought!

I downed some water and headed up Painted Cave. Of course I had to switch in to good ole granny on the first steep section, that is par for the course for me. What I didn't realize was I would never use any other gear the rest of the climb.

I just could not get my legs to do anything but grind it out in the granny gear. I know there are some climbers in town that make the trip up Painted Cave look like a walk in the park, well I'm not one of them. My trip up painted cave was more like a drunken sailor on a weekend bender.

To make things worse I was wanting to meet my family at a pancake breakfast taking place at Tucker's Grove. The thought of turning around early to partake in the pancakes and syrup almost got to me. I still can't believe I didn't give in to the temptation. I just kept grinding it out.

I think the pain turned my attention from the pancakes to more serious thoughts like; is now the time in my life to buy the triple chain ring? It's been about 4 years that I've been riding this campy record stuff, maybe they have come out with a triple. Hmmmmmmm!

Now, as I start to get to the area where there are a few shade trees and a couple of dirt turnouts, I start thinking this would be a great place for a picnic bench. It that were the case, maybe next time I could bring a meal and make a stop at this mirage of a table I'm dreaming about.

Finally, as I'm getting past the painted caves and struggling through the crappy pavement I start to think, I might just make it to the painted cave sign that usually marks my turn around.

When I do make it will I have the nerve to look at my watch and figure out how many hours of climbing I've been doing? If I do look will I share the information with anyone? I don't think so! 

I did look and I was really pretty surprised! It took 58 minutes from the driveway just past the bridge to the painted cave sign. So for all of you granny gear loving climbers out there, that's my benchmark for ya. For all you undernourished, epo sucking climbing machines I hope this makes you feel good. ;o)

I fell in love with my granny gear last weekend, and maybe I'll do it again this weekend! I just hope their won't be a pancake breakfast haunting me.

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