Wednesday, August 27, 2008

This Is How To Do A Triathlon!

Ben Edwards has a very unique perspective on how to complete and win a triathlon. I'm on his team! Thanks for sharing Ben, and congratulations to you and Sean, and Katrine?

Yes, indeed what a weekend.

First off, I'm not sure where all this "Triathlons are hard" stuff comes from. It was a piece of cake. After a some what taxing 21 minute swim I took a quick 2 minute break in the transition area, courteously arranged by Pete Sproul. After which it was off to the East Beach Cafe where I had a nice Santa Barbara Omelette and a big glass of fresh squeezed OJ while Pete took off on his bike. Not wanting to let my teammates down, an hour or so later, I made the long walk from the East Beach Cafe to the transition area to see Pete finish his ride and cheer Eric Forte on as he headed off on the run. Then if was off to the Trader Joe's Athletes tent for some fruit salad, a bran muffin, and a wonderful yoghurt parfait. I have to admit, at this point I was suffering a little, the Parfait was quite filling after the Santa Barbara Omelette, but I managed to finish it. That's the kind of commitment I bring to Triathlons. After a quick nap on the beach I arose in time to see Eric cross the line after blistering the course to bring our relay team home 1st. Again, apart from the first 20 minutes or so, pretty easy day at the beach, so don't believe the hype, with the right strategy (get other guys to do the hard parts really fast) triathlons are easy!

And you know what? The awards Pete, Eric, and I won don't say anything about a relay. They just say Santa Barbara Triathlon: Long Course, and oh yeah, they also say 1st Place. as opposed to... I don't know... 2nd place.

The things I will really remember about this triathlon are all the examples of incredible team work I saw out on the course. I'll never forget how Pete selflessly gave up 2 minutes of our lead to give Blingerman somebody to chase on the bike. I'll always remember how Gabe stood in the surf after his swim, pretending to cramp for 5 minutes, so Matt might be able to equal his swim time. Or how about Mike Cage courageously striking Ramirez in the head during the swim to snap him out of his panic attack. It proves that when we Chickens stick together we can get some marginally respectable results!

The real story of course was those kids! Sunday was indeed the highlight of my athletic career. To be right there along side all those kids as they truly raced the course was amazing. Not sure about how all those ladies in their matching Momentum, Moms in Motion, Tri Divas, and Queen Bees kits felt as a bunch of 9, 10, 11 and 12 year old kids, who looked like the bad new bears, blew past them on the bike and on the run. I highly recommend the parent child triathlon to everybody!

And Matt, as for my head getting two big don't worry about it. Thanks to an screw up in the results everybody in Ojai keeps congratulating my wife Katrine on her incredible weekend at the Santa Barbara Triathlon. They then ask me why I didn't man up and do it as well.

But I must go now, the phone is ringing and I'm expecting a call from Triathlete Magazine any moment. No doubt they will need me and Sean for next months cover...


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