Sunday, December 14, 2008

It's Saturday, So It Must Be Ojai


Well we had a great ride this morning. Our first real Team ride since the new kits came in. It was cool to see everyone out there with their matching kits on (except Dave). To the untrained eye I'm sure we looked like a pro squad out for a winter training ride. And fortunately for us we had two actual pros pull us around for the first half of the ride which made us look legit to any "trained eyes" out there on the road. The weather was cooperative for the most part with no rain, and no wind until the very end of the ride. Unfortunately Dave's sense of direction was not as cooperative and we missed our turn and ended up adding 5 or so extra miles to the ride. But the president of the Ojai chapter of the club, Ben Edwards came to the rescue and got us back on the right track. All in all a great ride. we stuck together on the climbs and rode a nice steady tempo with no real stops or delays. It was nice to finally see Ray Turon out on an early morning ride. I hadn't seen Susie Willett or Greg Knowles out for awhile so that was a pleasant surprise as well. Looking forward to many more Team rides in the future. I was impressed with how strong everyone was. For a Team that doesn't recruit riders we actually have quite a few hammers in our ranks! I realize I'm gonna have to work harder if I want to keep up! But then again, that's sort of the whole idea. To inspire us all to work a little harder and have fun!

See ya out there,


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