Wednesday, December 3, 2008

A Sneak Peak!

One lucky rancher has been kind enough to give us some insight in to the manufacturing and design of our new kits. Check it out!

Happy Dead Bird Holiday fellow Rancheros! The family and I were disappointed we couldn’t be here for the SB Drumstick Run to see the vanquishing, but we had official SBCR business to attend to as we made the journey to the “sister nest” of Cabeza de Gallina in central Guatemala, an unofficial, yet fully sponsored chapter of the Chicken Ranch Affiliation Project (CRAP). I was charged with delivering the 2009 kits to the team as they are, of course, sewn together by 9 year olds in a town close by. Not sure if information about the new kit has made its way through the email chain, but Dave got a little frustrated with the whole size matrix and decided that a “one size fits all” approach just made his life a heck of a lot easier (sorry Brad, almost all). Attached is a shot of the maiden run of Team Montana de Pollo sporting the new gear. And yes, Dave has assured me that each kit comes with “a” bike and it is, in fact, the one pictured…..

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