Sunday, December 14, 2008

Fat Tire Sunday 12-14-08


Views, ice, crashes, laughs, climbing......this mornings MTB ride had it all. We were expecting the threat of rain but there wasn't a cloud in the sky and the air was crisp and crystal clear. It was a bit on the chilly side though. Fortunately, everyone brought backpacks with enough room for 20lbs of extra clothes. Everyone except Mike Abbott. The only thing I don't like about Mike is that he makes everyone else around him look like a big sissy. At the top of Gibralter before we dropped Angostura I was wearing leg warmers, booties, an undershirt, shortsleeve jersey, arm warmers, skull cap, a wind vest, a thermal vest, a wind jacket, a rain jacket, a face mask, and two pairs of gloves and I was still freezing my ass off on the descent. Mike was wearing a jersey and shorts..........and he couldn't stop talking about what a beautiful day it was. I think he's part Eskimo or polar bear or something. John Comunal provided some excitement by crashing in a corner on Angostura. He was fine, and more importantly his new kit was fine as well. He provided some eloquent words on what it feels like to crash. I believe his exact words were "The thing that sucks about crashing is you hit the ground......and the ground hurts". I don't think truer words have ever been spoken. Well said John!

We ended up with 34 miles, 5,600 ft. of climbing and 4 hours of riding. Of course 45 minutes of those 4 hours were spent putting on and taking off clothes for the different portions of the ride, except Mike of course. He spent those 45 minutes eating nails and killing mountain lions with his bare hands. All in all a great ride. Looking forward to seeing all of you out there next weekend.

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Chester Gillmore said...

Rumor has it there was a Solavang ride this morning... How 'bout extending an invite to the Platinum Boys next time ;)

Chester Gillmore said...

I almost forgot... The new Kits are stupid fly (that is "street" for awesome)!