Friday, November 14, 2008

The Tea Fire, Team Chicken Ranch Was On The Scene

Steve Otero, braved the fire area and had this to say. Steve, thanks for the photos and I like you am praying for all the people and if we can help, shout out!

Hello again.

Don’t mean to spam you but thought you might like to see today’s shots. Quite revealing under the daylight. Also, quite sad when you see all the lost homes.

Take care,

As you may have heard, Santa Barbara is in the middle of a huge fire in the Montecito and Riviera areas. So you know, our house is far from danger here on the Mesa.

Last night I rode my motorcycle around and got these shots. As you can tell, I was in the thick of it. For those that you know the areas, these were taken primarily from Las Alturas road. The last few are from the Rattlesnake Trail area and Sheffield Resevoir.

I hope the best for all our friends in these areas. Please let me know if there is anything we can do.



PDXVespaRider said...


My family lives at Rockwood Drive and El Cielito Road right behind Sheffield Reservoir but are on vacation and currently unable to be reached. While you were riding around, did you notice if that area was heavily affected? I've been unable to locate any definitive maps or garner any information about how the direct area has been impacted.

Greg Knowles said...

To my knowledge that area is very close to the burn area. I do not believe the homes there have burned, but I do not know for sure. Here is the fire local site with tons of resources.