Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Cantua Creek Race Report

Thanks for the report Craig! Welcome aboard! By the way if any of you are noticing I'm trying to teach myself how to use Google maps by trial and error. Thanks for you patience

Hi everyone,

My report for Cantua Creek is nothing to brag about but considering I just finished a round of antibiotics for a sinus and respiratory infection I did OK.

I was one of two ranchers to race Cantua and I apologize to my teammate who was there I don't remember your name(old age).

The weather was chilly about 40 degrees at start time.

I was in the 45+4,5 race,The race was pretty mellow no attacks that stuck until we hit the turn around of lap two,At this point one brave soul went of the front on his own and proceeded to get a pretty big gap so much so he was out of site.

No one was willing to work the front to pull him back,But as we got closer to the finish it was clear that if we didn't start a chase he was going to win.

One rider was complaining so much so that I told him if you go to the front and work I will follow.

This started the chase and we went from about 22mph to 27-28mph and held this consistently to the base of the 2 mile climb to the finish.This blew the field up and it became a group of twenty chasing one.

We caught him on the climb at this point due to illness and with the work I did in the chase I could no longer hold the pace up the climb(so sad).

Not sure of my placing but I believe it was just outside the top twenty.

New Rancher,

Craig Foley

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