Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Mothballs IIII

Mothballs just keeps on giving, here are the photos Matt sent. I hope Ben is healing quickly! Thanks for the pictures everyone!

Hi everybody,

Sorry for the delay, lots of people sent me pictures of the races on Saturday, here are just a few of them. Thanks to everyone who showed up to race, and those that showed up just to cheer us on and take pictures...especially Dave Willett.

Only one Chicken Rancher was involved in a crash as far as I know. Ben Edwards got taken out in the 3's race by a guy who crossed wheels with the rider in front of him. Honorary Chicken Rancher Kim Anderson also went down in that crash. Like true competitors they both re-mounted their bikes and finished the race....nice job!

There are quite a few pictures here so hopefully Greg will put them up on the blog shortly which will make them easier to view,

It was great to see so many Chicken Ranchers out there ridin' hard. We were well represented! Thanks also to Kimberly and Craig for their excellent race reports. Craig, no need to apologize for our failure to win in the 3's race, It was my fault for not gettin' you and Dave close enough to the line to finish the deal. But we'll get'em next time!

See you out there!


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