Monday, February 4, 2008

Romero & Good Samaritans, Task Force Update

The Multi Use Trails Coalition sent out this email this morning regarding the progress on the Task Forces recommendations and attached some photos showing how a small group of Mountain Bikers helped clear a tree from Romero Trail or as us B Teamers call it Kenny's Trail. Special thanks to the unknown Mountain Bikers, that cleared the trail.

Finally after a year of meeting the Task Force is ready to move forward with recommendations to the City Council and Board of Supervisors. The meeting this Weds, Feb 6th at 5:30 PM, 735 Anacapa St. will outline the TF plan of action. According to the agenda this meeting will address the MOU and what is needed to get all agencies working together and the management recommendations. The recommendations they are considering and will discuss this Weds are:
I Administrative
1. Develop Interagency MOU for management, funding, maintenance...
2. Develop a multi agency FCT strategy
3. Develop a funding plan for the FCT
4. Establish a FCT coordinator position
5. Develop a relationship with a community non-profit group to help with

II Community Outreach
1. Education efforts including signage, hosts....
2. Interim voluntary use guidelines: dogs on leash, bike bells, don't cut
3. Community support by working with trail groups for trail work days

III Maintenance and Management
1. Assess and classify the trails
2. Develop classifications that are appropriate for our FCT system
3. Explore developing consistent standards for planning, permits, policy, and
4. Explore pilot program with trail use designation (possibly June 2009?)

Only after the TF has the latest trail info from surveys, assessments, and MORE PUBLIC INPUT the TF will consider options such as:
Odd/even trail use for hikers, bikers, and equestrians; designate single use trails; widen trails to make room for all users; new trails
to meet wider, multiuse standards of other areas. They did not single out any particular group here but instead left this
category open for discussion.

(The complete agenda can be found on the SB City government page found from a link on our homepage)

As you would expect this will take some time to implement these recommendations. We appreciate the time and effort that the TF has put into the trails and will be putting into them. If you haven't spoken at one of these meetings yet this may be an opportune time to thank the TF for what they are trying to do and the BS that they have had to sort through at these meetings. Public comment as always begins at 5:30 sharp!

Following this meeting the TF will meet "as needed" or when management issues arise. They tentatively have 3 more meetings set for this year.

Good samaritan of the week.....This past weekend on Romero single track we came across a downed tree completely blocking the trail with bad poison oak on both sides of the trail and intertwined in the tree itself. Three mtn bikers got neck deep in the poison stuff to clear a path for everyone. Thanks to the unknown riders! (see photos)--



Thank you,The Multiuse Trails Coalition Board,Dave Everett, Dorothy Littlejohn, Cort Flinchbaughs

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