Monday, February 11, 2008

Piru Time Trial Results

Dave and Kimberly have reported in. Congrats to everyone who participated. Keep on reading below for the details.

We had a good showing for the Piru TT yesterday. Craig, Brett, David , Jeff, Ken, Dano, Kim, Olivia, Dan R all showed up to test their fitness. Usual tail wind out and headwind uphill back. Craig did the best time of the group in a 29:30ish.

Amazingly a rider did a 27.09 on that course at an average of 27.5mph. Anyone who has ridden this race knows how impressive that is ....

Craig and David finished 2nd and 3rd in the 3's.
Ken 4th in the 4's, Dan R 2nd? in the 45+, Dano with the VICTORY in the "Eddy Merckx" division (No tt equipment) Brett 5th in the 5's and I got 4th in the 35+ I am not sure how Jeff, Kim and Olivia did?

The results will be up soon at

See ya all Saturday...

Dave Lettieri

Just an addendum to Dave's email about the Piru results:
I got 5th in the Women's division. Coming off the flu (or something else that causes a fever and chest cough and lasts for days..), I was happy to just finish the TT with 2 (semi) working lungs! I believe there were 10 women in the licensed women's division.
And I don't know what place Olivia received, but she set a new personal best for the course, besting her previous best by MINUTES ( many minutes did you say you took off?)!!

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