Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Mothballs By Blingerman! Photos by Carson!

Great job everyone. Fun day with a lot of team support.

As far as the 3's, I'm sorry for what happened. The team did great work. Barney, Luis, and Larsen rode the front a lot. Aaron had a break that Chicken and I thought might stick. Ben was a Trojan war-horse riding out there with his bibs torn open and still smiling.

As for the sprint, Dave was the captain on the rode and kept us organized with Chicken on the front, then me, and then Dave sweeping.

We went into the last turn and Chicken was doing a lot of work but then we caught a couple of guys on the inside who slowed down and I just made a bunch of mistakes. So instead of winning, we got 3rd. We learned a lot and I think we will do better next time.

As for the 35+, holy s__t! That was fast!

See you at Piru.

Here are some pics of the first few races, I had another shoot that afternoon, sorry all you who raced after noon. If the link above doesn't work, then here it is. http://tinyurl.com/3xf68b

Thank you,
Carson Blume Photography

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