Monday, February 4, 2008

Mothballs By Professor Kim

Here is Kimberly's race report

Hi Everyone!
Well, another Mothballs is behind us. I really enjoyed racing it as a member of Team Chicken Ranch this year! Unfortunately I don't have any great victories to report on, but I did have a lot of fun! I achieved my three goals for the weekend which was to 1. get a good workout 2.
Not get dropped in my first W1/2/3 race and 3. Make the womens 3/4 race fun and be a part of the action. After seeing all the women who got in and raced the 1/2/3 race and then the Mens 35+ I am humbled and motivated! All I did was race the 2 women's races! But considering I was supposed to be stuck at a work retreat all day...I am thrilled to have been racing at all.
Anyway, Team Chicken Ranch was well represented this weekend. I just want to say it was really nice to have so many people around in the same jersey (we'll look even better when our new kits come in) being
supportive and fun. From perusing the results on , I
see that the following people were out there: (please forgive me if I didn't include you: I just looked at the online results, which may not be complete. In addition, I might have made an I apologize in advance!). In addition, Brett Harrison was also there racing...but had a mechanical issue and lost some spokes (I heard...I was at work).
See you all at the next one,
Here's the scoop:
Mens 3
3. Craig Zimmerman
4. Dave Letteiri
11. Matt Benko
12. Ben Edwards
19. Barney Berglund
20. David Larsen
25. Luis Cubilla
Mens 4
10. Gabe Garcia
12. Ken Doyle
25. Dan Onorato
Mens 5
21 Brian Bermudes
24 Rob Ramirez
29 John Comunale
7 Kimberly Turner
7 Kimberly Turner
14 Susan Farber
27 Matt Benko
26 Barney Berglund
13 Peter Rupert

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