Sunday, April 13, 2008


The weekends race reports would not be complete without a true salute to Jed, Mike, & Ian who braved the infamous downhill course at the Stump Grinder Downhill.

Race report for Downhill.

This may not be as interesting as Gabe’s, but I’ll give the lowdown:

Hecker’s event at the Chamberlin Ranch was actually a success. About 80 downhillers participated, and there were pros, and serious experts in town for the Sea Otter that made their way over to Santa Ynez.

It wasn’t as hot as it might seem, there was a cool wind blowing the stars around.

Chicken Ranch was represented by 2 Guys, me and Mike Abbott, who beat me handily.

Oh, well, I am still the shortest on the team. I think. Brett? I’m 5’-4” beat that.

I raced Sport 40 and over, got 3rd out of 5, despite falling on my second run. I may have gotten 2nd, without the fall, but I didn’t hurt myself, so, it’s all good.

Mike raced Beginner, with a huge field, and should have raced sport, because then he would have bumped me out of 3rd, and he would have taken it. His times were faster than mine, even without the fall, but I’m better looking.

The HUGE upset, was that MY friend, carpool buddy,and riding partner, Ian Mcfarlane raced his 3rd downhill EVER. He raced sport, because, how would he know otherwise. HE BEAT ALL THE PROS FOR THE FASTEST TIMES TODAY.

He is a regular on the Wednesday rides since he was 13 (he’s only 16) and I taught him everything he knows.

See you at Sea Otter….

Jed Hirsch

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Greg Knowles said...

Jed, you gotta get Ian a Chicken Ranch Jersey!