Monday, April 28, 2008

Punchbowl Part Deux

Hi Everyone

I was told I need to write a race report so here goes. This is my first one so bear with me.

Devil's Punch Bowl is a very hard race! It was hot, windy, hot, with lots of climbing and very hot. Brian Hershkowitz, Dan Rudd and I rode the cat 5 race. This is my story, I will let Brian and Dan tell theirs.

On the first lap the field got blown apart on the back stretch, with a lead group of about twelve guys. Going into the second climb one guy got off the front. I pulled most of the way trying to bridge and also break up the pack. It worked on the back stretch there were only four of us left still chasing the leader. At this point I was freezing cold and could barely hang on. Two guys broke off and I was left with one guy to work with. We raced to the finish together, and he got the best of me. I finish 5th, Dan 11th, and Brian 32nd respectively. Many thanks to Elda (Dan's wife) who was there instantly at the finish line with cold water. Which I'm pretty sure saved my life.

Rick Martz ,Eric Knight and Gene Raphaelian also raced in the 40+ 4/5. Eric 25th, Rick 38th and Gene ?.

Chuck Pontius Crit. Ok I will try not to be as long winded on this one. I showed up for the early morning cat 5 start of 7:30, which turned out to be a good thing.(hot and windy) We had full field, the pace was fast with lots of attacks that didn't pan out. On the last lap at turn 3 I attacked on the slight uphill, knowing this was my only chance on a good sprint position (I'm not a sprinter). It worked, I came into the last turn in 1st and almost made it until this big diesel engine passed me just before the line. 2nd place, and now a cat 4... I'm stoked!


Brett Harrison
Surf 'n Wears Beach House
10 state st. SB, CA 93101

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Greg Knowles said...

Brett, good job on the report. Now we just have to teach you how to use a camera. ;o)