Sunday, April 13, 2008

Kimberly and Susie, Representing!

Hello all!
I'm just back now from my LONG day in Ojai, feeling the effects of beingout in the sun all day, not to mention the racing part!

Chicken ranch was well represented in many of the races...and I'm sure lots of racereports will be flying around soon enough.

My first race today was at 7:01 am. Too early for working that hard, at least when you're still sore from yesterday's crash! Let's just say my back was screaming at me for about half the race. I rode in the main group, but didn't work the hill properly on the last lap, and only got 10th.

I was a little annoyed with myself, but hey, it's experience. Although teammate Susie Willett was awesome, and managed a 4th placefinish.

I only wish I could spin up the hill time and time again the way she can! She's going to rip it up at sea otter...

However, being the persistent type, I ate, hung out and cheered for the4/5s, 35+,3's and 2's, and then took the line again for the pro1/2/3race.

Now that one was a bit speedier! It was also really hot. My goal for the race was to ride hard and lay it all out, and see how long I could last (the teams of TIBCO, Colavita, Value Act, Touchstoneclimbing were all there, not to mention the so-cal strengths of Helens,and southBay wheelmen).

I lasted a whole 6.5 laps before getting gapped on the hill. I kept on chasing, as I had told myself I had to get a reasonable workout in, and would ride until I got lapped. I made it past the halfway point, so I was ok with that.

The few other women from the morning race crazy enough to toe up for #2 were already all dropped out by the time I left the course.

But the most important thing was that the second race of the day was actually FUN! With nothing on the line, and only myself to satisfy, it was really fun to ride with the big girls.

Oh well...maybe next year will be another story.


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