Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Jed "The Downhiller" Hirsch's Sea Otter Report

Pictures of the campsite and peeps.

A fun time was had by all, as evidenced in these pictures.

You will note the Ramirez's trailer set up complete with homey touches like lamps, flowers, potted plants, paintings hanging on the wall. They really know how to camp.

Thanks for setting all this up, Matt and Kim.

My race went well, I went as fast as I could in the downhill 40-49 sport. My time wasn't good, but I was going as fast as I could. I had a good run. Very fun. After the race, my wife, who was watching on a steep downhill section said to me "I'm glad to see you weren't bombing it" and "I'm glad you were being cautious". I looked her in the eye and told her the truth "yeah, I knew you were watching". Shoot, that was as fast as I could go and I felt like I was flying! I was redeemed when Ben Edwards' son Sean told their dad that "Jed was going so fast when he came by." Thanks kids. Rule # 72 "be somebody's hero". (Quoted from Tom on Beauty and the Geek last night) I finished "mid-pack" 20th out of 39 in my class.

Mike Abbott, a few hours after racing 30 or so miles cross-country raced the downhill, and got an impressive 12th out of 30 in his class.
Imagine if he quit pansey cross-country and focused on DH.
All our kids had a great time on the pump track and jump course. They borrowed demo bikes from Haro and killed it. I took pics, but my camera snaps a second after I hit the shutter, and I got a lot of good pics of back tires.

On a somber note, if you want to read the latest coroners report article about the guy who died, here is a link. Kathy and I are following it.

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Greg Knowles said...

Jed, thanks for the evidence regarding Roberto's tendancies for interior decorating. Way to go Jed, & Mike on the downhilling thing you do.