Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Multiuse Trails Update

Below is an email sent out by the Multiuse Trails Coalition. They have been working very hard and if you haven't read this already, I suggest you do. Ride On!

Greetings Trail Users,

We wanted to keep you up to date on the progress of the recommendations on the road to implementation. City Parks Commission approved the rec's at the Feb '08 meeting. County Park Commission discussed but did not yet approve the rec's at the March '08 meeting. They will be discussed again and hopefully approved at the April '08 meeting. We will keep you posted.

If the rec's are passed by park commissions and USFS then they will go first before the City Council for approval then to the Board of Supervisors for approval. It is at these two meetings we will need to make our presence felt. If all goes as planned then both CC and BOS will approve the rec's and direct the TF to begin work on a MOU. Another meeting at some point will be needed to approve the MOU. We don't expect the City Council and BOS meetings to happen anytime before May '08.

Zaca Fire updates:

This Friday all areas closed by the Zaca Fire will be reopened. This means that the local favorites Little Pine/Santa Cruz and Camuesa Connector(previously opened) will be restriction free at last. Our person in the field recently rode up Buckhorn Road and down Santa Cruz Trail back to Upper Oso and they tell us this: Between Happy Hollow and the saddle it has been bulldozed along the ridge. First mile below saddle was burnt by Zaca Fire and rains have created multiple slides- carefully in this area. Below this first mile, trail should be more or less intact with possible heavy growth from extensive rains. Careful at the creek crossings and watch for drops!

Camuesa Trail was unaffected by Zaca or Ranch fires but the first 1/4 mile east of Buckhorn rode is now a dozer road. There was heavy growth along this trail with significant poison oak. Trail was in good shape with damage occurring at water crossings.

If you know any different at either of these trails or any other Zaca effected trails please email the info and we will have a place on our homepage with the most recent back country trail info.

Can we all just get along?

As you may have seen, our homepage has our official statement regarding the Task Force Recommendations. We support them and we would ask that you read them and show your support for them as well. We believe them to be fair and have all the trail users best interest in mind. We feel it is a small victory that the TF is looking for data before any future decision is made on trail access. Interestingly enough, a group that we have never seen eye to eye on trail issues is also showing their support for the rec's. In the upcoming April/May Sierra Club Newsletter, the Santa Barbara Group announces their support of the rec's. We hope this is not an April fools prank.--

Thank you,
The Multiuse Trails Coalition Board,
Dave Everett, Dorothy Littlejohn, Cort Flinchbaugh

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