Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Email Your Congress Person!

Hey Cyclists- I urge you to get hold of your Congressman/woman in support of the Resolution on Cycling described below. Let's get some recognition that bikes belong on the road as a safe, healthy and environmental transportation choice!



From: "Walter Finch" <>
Date: April 29, 2008 11:25:14 AM PDT

National Bicycling Strategy

National Bike Month

Take Action!
Support House Congressional Resolution

The House Congressional Resolution on Bicycling (H.Con.Res. 305), introduced in February, calls on the United States Congress to adopt a national bicycling strategy to fully realize the incredible benefits of getting more people bicycling, more safely, more often.

There is a "sense of Congress" that complete streets policies are essential to ensure wise use of considerable Federal investment in transportation infrastructure, and that expanded funding for bicycling and walking programs is desirable and appropriate.

As we celebrate National Bike Month in May, cities and organizations throughout the country will be hosting events promoting bicycling as a healthy, fun, and viable form of transportation. This is also a perfect opportunity to contact your Congressional Representatives to thank those that have signed onto the Resolution and urge those that have not to so.

A good showing for the Resolution is essential as this would serve as the first ever comprehensive bicycling policy statement and would serve as an important policy statement guide for the next transportation reauthorization which begins next year (2009).
As part of National Bike Month please take a moment to Contact your Congressional Member to urge them to support HCONRES305.

Thank you.

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