Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Barry Wolf Crit

Chicken Ranchers,

just a quick note about my 30+ 3/4 race at the Barry Wolfe crit in
Canoga Park on sunday.

This turned out to be quite a fun and really fast crit and it would be cool to do this as a team race in the future.

The Fast Friday team was in full force with at least 8 riders in the field (out of about 50). I figured the winner would come out of their group and made it my strategy to get into every break I could that had Fast Friday riders in it.

About 20 minutes into the race I thought I had made it into “the break” because it had FOUR Fast Friday riders plus me and 1 other rider, and we got a pretty good gap on the field.

But those 4 Fast Friday riders just couldn’t get it going fast enough (and so much for the rest of their team blocking) ‘cause the field caught us after a few minutes. Seemed like a golden opportunity squandered. But oh well.

The race ended with a field sprint and I got 12th...I obviously still have to work on staying near the front of the field in the furious run up to the sprint. And funny enough it turns out Fast Friday did not win the race.

See ya soon,


Greg Knowles said...

Thanks for the report Mitch! Sounds like you had the right strategy.

Anonymous said...

Check out the photos at http://photo-by-lenny.smugmug.com/ for the main category races.